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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Top 10 List About Things You Should Never Forget If You Have A New Blog

You set up a blog or you bought one, get your post ready or at least some ideas, post it to your blog and everything should be fine, right? Wrong! I’ve been doing this for a few months but I can’t seem to get traffic to my blog. It bugs me for a while then I realize I didn’t do anything to improve the blog’s SEO and keywords.

Being a blogger means that you always do the same thing with a new blog in your possession. There are no other ways to get traffic to your blog. Doing the same thing every time can make your brain forgetful. Sometimes you are too busy with your personal schedule and you will tend to forget about small stuff about your blog.

I was truly devastated knowing that I don’t have good traffic to my blog for no apparent reason. But it’s not anyone’s fault. I’m only tired and couldn’t remember to set up the SEO pluggin and everything else. The only thing I remember was just to post my article every two days. Then I have to continue with my work and study. 

This is not a long post. I only want to remind you about the things that you might forget to do with your blog. Remember that you should always keep this list on your note so that you would not forget. Here is the top 10 list:

  • Do keyword research
  • Set up your SEO
  • Wait for your blog’s traffic results
  • Do a few experiments with your tweak to get the best result
  • Test your blog again
  • Comment on other blogs/competitor
  • Join forums
  • Be active on the internet/be social
  • Update your social account often
  • Build your relationship with readers

Friday, 13 September 2013

Fontello Social Icon Don't Load Using Firefox (Wordpress)

In my previous post, I have mentioned that I encountered a few problems with my new website Casually-Asian. One of the problem is the social icon just don't load in Firefox. Finally, the webmaster give me a solution for the problem after he search around in the internet.

I'm still wondering why would  the theme webmaster search the internet for solution. The theme was supposed to be owned by him LOL. Or maybe he is just selling the theme made by someone else. The theme cost $40 in ThemeForest and it is called Bliss by Bluth.

At first, I thought that I screw up with the installation. What I did to configure out the solution was I reset everything starting with the webhosting to the Wordpress installation. I contact my webhost support service via email and reset everything. I was lucky I don't have any post yet at the blog.

For anyone who encountered this problem, forget that, it is not the solution. The solution is simple enough. Add a few codes in the the .htaccess file in your root folder. Below is the solution given to me:

1. Log in to your Hostgator cpanel

2. Find your File Manager and click it

3. On the pop up menu select Web Root (public_html/www) and select Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) and click Go.

4. On the left side, you will see a directory. Look for public_html with the world icon. Single click on it and the menu will appear at the next panel on the right.

5. Look for .htaccess, single click on it and click edit at the menu on top. A popup menu will appear and just click edit.

6. Another browser will opened and you will see a few codes in it. Add the following codes below the existing codes:


7. Click save and you are good to go.

The social icon is now can be viewed

Thursday, 8 August 2013

When Article Writing Can Go Wrong

Don't be bored with the next sentence - "content is king". Some people are bored as hell when they hear the sentence again and again and again. If you have any personal mentor to your online business, they will also tell the same thing until you puke.

I've been writing a few stuff here about creating unique content and don't lie about it. People are so bored about writing article and they tend to 'cheat' doing it. Some people do write their own content and their own personal opinion but is it enough?

What can go wrong if you write your own style? I'm not suggesting that you write 'according to the book' with the right format because blogging is a different thing. Any writing style will do especially in your own tone and suits your personality.

What I'm trying to say here is unique article writing really can go wrong. I have seen a few blogs or persons have this problem. It was a sad thing because their content is nice but it failed. By the way, I'm talking about new blogs here.

Usually, it takes up to a maximum six months to get your blog to have readers or at least unique visitors. It also depends on how hard are you working on your blog. This is not including any sales, just readers and visitors. Sales can take longer.

So many questions rose from my head thinking what can go wrong with the articles. There are times when I thought that the blogs are in the wrong niche or unprofitable niche, bad title and bad keywords. But that is not it.

Unique and creativity is not enough. Think what people want to read. How can you solve their problem and what is your suggestions. Most important is get creative with the tone and pitch on your articles.

Imagine that blogging as your Facebook or Twitter. It is the same thing called socializing with people. Blogging doesn't meant that you write like in a news portal or a funeral. It means you are having conversations with your readers.

The reason why people visit your blog is because of you. You are the creator of the blog and you are the one who owns the idea and suggestion in the blog. Express your feelings in your blog so that the readers know how you feel when you are writing the article. Read the below example:

"Did you watch the new Superman movie? It is a great movie to watch"


"Did you watch the new Superman movie ? It was awesome and Superman finally wear his underwear beneath lol" 

Did you get what I meant by expressing your feelings? From both sentence above, which do you prefer to hear from your friend who watched the movie? As you can see, people love to hear opinions or suggestions but if your tone of writing is bad, it will chase away your readers.

Unique article can really go wrong. Don't expect anything you write is the best and different from others. No one is perfect but there also no formal writing style in blogging.

Even if you have crap products to sell, intonation is important. That is why you can see a lot of people being conned everyday on the internet. And if you have the best product in the market, it will be worthless if you can't sell them the right way.

Remember that feelings are important because readers are humans. You can be happy, excited, sad or any other feelings that you want to express. Mix these feelings in all your articles. Just don't whine about anything.
People hate cry babies. It shows that you are an unreliable source of information.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

What Does Creating Unique Content Really Mean

As we all know, many blogs has taken its toll by the effect of Google's cute search algorithm called Panda and Penguin. The common excuse bloggers use is this overhaul done by Google. If you are a 'true' blogger who want to make money online, this shouldn't be a problem if you create unique content.

Many bloggers are confused what does it really mean by creating unique content. I know that what bloggers usually do is they read other blogs, 'steal' some idea and write back the content in their own word. So that the article belong to them. This is WRONG!

If you do that, your content is not unique. It's called article spinning. Article spin is when you find an article and rephrase that article to become yours. There are no originality in that article. You are just copying what other writers write.

How do you create unique content then?

The first thing that you, as a blogger should know is don't be lazy. Create your own unique content. Don't go around to any blogs and copy what they write. You can however find the keyword to be used in your article. Keywords are considered important but do not stuff as much as keyword as you can to an article.

Keyword stuffing makes your article makes no sense and you also will be penalized by Google for this. Google will see that your article as another crap and will not be listed on Google search. This is why many bloggers hate Google's new search algorithm.

Remember this very important but a very simple tip, what creates a unique content is yourself. Show who you are in your blog post. That is what makes your content unique. There is no one is this world that can be who you are.

For example, write about your related experience in your blog post, your friends, families and just anything that you can imagine. But it must be related to your niche and what business are you in. People loves to read something personal and 'human'.

Last Words
Don't put the blame on Google for what they did but for what you did. You are the one who create the content of your blog, not Google. If you post some crap, you get crap results.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

No Tech Skills? NO Problem!

Around the world, at this hour, so many people want to make money online. This is because there is proof of people are living in cloud 9 because of internet business. It is true though. We really can make a living through a dot com lifestyle.

But not everything is good or as easy as it sounds. Most internet entrepreneurs will come to a small obstacle called technical skills. If you have zero experience in tech skills, it will be very hard to start. Don't ever believe if someone try to sell you something and tells you that you don't need any tech skills.

Of course, in some cases, you really don't need it. That is because the person who is teaching you to make money will teach you about tech skills. So you see, you will need the skills to improve and to gain knowledge.

If you are a true beginner or a newbie, there is nothing to worry about. You will learn tech skills whether you pay for it or ask your friends to teach you.

What I want to share with you today is a few website that can help you with tech skills. However, this will come with a warning. Don't depend too much on paid skills. You should learn how to do things by yourself. But, if you are a busy person, below is the website you should look at.

This is a website for you to find information that you need in cheaper price. Most tech ebook on Clickbank will sell a lot higher than master-resell-rights.

In short, Master-Resell-Rights is like Clickbank but way more cheaper. They also sell ebooks. I love ebooks. It is the fastest way to find a book that you need. The website also contains a lot of topics and various ebook collections.

The good thing about Master-Resell-Rights is that you have the resell rights with any purchase that you make. Some ebook's resell rights allowed you to modify the content of the ebook and make the ebook looks like yours. That mean you will have all the rights to do what you want with the ebook.

The bad thing about Master-Resell-Rights is you don't have the money-back-guarantee like Clickbank. If you don't like the ebook that you buy, you can't do anything about it. Some of the ebooks are also low quality. This is the risk that you have to take when you buy from Master-Resell-Rights.

Elance.Com / Freelancer.Com
Most of internet entrepreneurs who have the skills use this website to earn money online. For those who don't have the skills, this is the place to hire somebody with the skills you require.

The only thing that you have to look out for is the price. Skilled 'workers' will demand higher fees for their service. But for some people, they don't mind paying for a good service. Read the previous comments and ratings about the person who you want to hire before hiring them.

Fiverr also sells specific skill. The only difference is that Fiverr fixed its price to $5.00 per gigs. They called it gigs and I personally hate that term they used. It's not a rock band duh..

At Fiverr you can find almost any skills you require, from the complicated to the silliest and all for just 5 bucks. If you require any jobs to be done faster or any additional jobs, you will have to pay more. You can view the additional payment when you view a person's profile.

Final Words
Tech skills are important to internet entrepreneurs even though you don't have to learn complicated codes like a website developers.

If you are willing to learn slowly, that is the best way to do it. But sometimes learning is not the issue. Some people need their work to be done asap. In some issue, there is too much work to be done. Next time, if you feel you need some help or learn something, don't forget to check out the websites above.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

SEO Friendly Website

Everyone who owns a website or a blog wants their website to be SEO friendly. A website is considered the best if it has a good ranking on Google and their goal is to be rank #1. Almost all website owners thought that no one on the internet will turn to page 2 on Google. That is why a SEO friendly website is the best way to do this.

For those who don't know what SEO, it is an acronym of Search Engine Optimization. It is important for us to gain to the first page of Google but I don't think #1 rank is really that necessary. SEO friendly website means that your website can be easily found by search engines if a person type something related to your website. These things will increase organic traffic to your website.

Website owners usually buy one or a few SEO tools or software to get their desired effect to their website ranking. They buy these tools to save their time to get higher page rank and become SEO friendly. That is why some tools or software are expensive.

As we all know, it takes time (a lot of it) to make our website to be known on the internet. It will take at least a few months to more than a year to do this.

The main question here is, how do you really make your website SEO friendly? How do you do it? To answer this question, I have two things to say. I have bad news and really good news for you.

The bad news
SEO tools and software are expensive. I believe many people don't trust cheap SEO tools. The future of a website depends on these tools to make it well-known. People like you and me does not have that much money to buy these tools.

Plus, these tools are paid monthly to get the best results. We got other bills to pay. Logically thinking, we can't really compete with individuals or organizations that have big bucks to spend for their website. To make a SEO friendly website can be that terrifying.

The good news
You don't have to pay for expensive tools to make your website SEO friendly. In fact, you don't have to pay anything to do that. The trick on how to get your website SEO friendly is at the keyword used in your website.
Image: Source
The key is to write SEO friendly content

Keyword is a very important element in a website. That is why blogs rank better than a plain website. Blogs contain words. Now you know why blogging gurus out there talk so much about keyword density.

Search for good keywords with Google Keyword Tool for high demand keywords. But remember to search keywords that have anything to do with your website and not some other words that are not related. Use these keywords in your articles.        

If you keep up with this strategy, you will have a very SEO friendly website and will be ranked on page 1 in a matter of months. Of course this effect will take place if you are a determine blogger and blogs frequently. Having a few articles is not enough to make your website SEO friendly.

Create unique content and frequent update will make it faster for your website to rank. This also can prevent your website to become a victim to Google Panda.

With the right technique, we can save a lot of money to make our website SEO friendly. Do some homework before you want to post an article. Look for good keywords that you can use in your article and keep the keyword density.

This doesn't mean that I am preventing you from buying any SEO tools and it doesn't mean that the SEO tools are fakes. You can buy it if you want to and if you have the money. It is according to any individual needs.

If you don't want to waste any money on some kind of tools to make your website SEO friendly, use the techniques above. The key is to find the best keywords to use.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Create Quality Content And Don't Lie

How many Google search results show you when you type "make money online"? Yes, billions of results. Which means they are millions of people who are trying to sell their products and services to you. And now you are asking yourself, is this product is for real? or is this a scam?

Sounds familiar to you? Well, read on.

I don't know if it's only me or anybody else but I always thought, did these people really make money online? In the basic learning of entrepreneurship, you have to learn from the best to become the best. If you want to be a chef, learn from a master chef, if you want to be a racer, learn from the champions and so on.

That is how entrepreneurs work. They work with the best. Did you ever come across with these sentences when googling around:
Image: An example of "Internet Millionaire"

#1 Earn $1000 A Day Doing Nothing!
#2 How I Made 6 Figure Income Monthly
#3 Sit Back and Relax While Watching Money Rolling In
#4 Earn Thousands While You Sleep
#5 How To Become A Millionaire Online ...and the list goes on..

Are you kidding me? What type of business is that? If it's not scamming you it's definitely teaching you to become a scammer. One other reason behind this is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and man, I really hate MLM.

This is certainly not about an online business. Even if it is, the person behind the website is not earning that so much money. There are about 85% of bloggers who didn't make any money online (read about it here). They didn't make any money but are trying to help you make money. How is that sounds to you?

Well, looking at the bright side, it is NOT impossible. Established internet marketer or internet entrepreneurs do make money while sleeping and lots of it. But for beginner, it is like a dream in a fantasy island.

Make money online is just an example. There are a lot of niche out there and they also did the same thing. Another example is the lose weight niche. I wonder what the person behind the website really looks like. I'm really dying to know, don't you?

Serious entrepreneurs make money with their product and they tell stories about their product in their blogs. That means, blog is only a platform for their business. But the 'other' people who copy the real entrepreneurs really don't make money. If they do, it is only fast cash.

Fast cash won't last forever. Today you scam a person, tomorrow you won't get any. Worst of all, you may land in jail for that. What people are really looking for is a passive income from the internet.

Quality Content From The Heart
Always remember that content is king. There is no doubt about it. That is why it is important for you to choose the right niche for your website. Don't just go and build a website with a niche that you don't really know about.

If you have money to spend, I guess its ok. You can find someone to write the content for you. By doing this, you can lose a lot of money just by providing the articles and you aren't certain about how much you will make.

Being an expert in your niche will save you a lot of time, money and energy. The best thing about this is you can answer questions from visitors by yourself because you already know about your niche. Be proud of what are you selling online.

Create your content with high quality. Write a few references if you have to. Gain trust from your readers. Nothing is more important than trust. How on earth are you going to sell anything if no one trusts you? You can also share your personal stories with your readers.

What to do:
#1 Write based on experience
#2 Only pay for articles that you don't really know
#3 Add reference for facts

No Lying
Be honest in your business. Even a brick and mortar business needs honesty. Honesty will be rewarded with trust. That is a good way to make attraction to your website.

Do not think that you can fool somebody to buy your product. This is the 21st century. Even a 12 year old knows what a scam is and what is not. Visitors who come to your blog are knowledgable people. You only make a fool of yourself if you are trying to lie.

You don't have to lie to sell your product. Every internet entrepreneurs starts from zero. Why should you be ashamed of it? If someone wants to buy, they will buy. You can't force someone to purchase something from you if they are not interested.

What to do:
#1 Don't put any figures at your website if it's too low (Facebook fan, money, readers etc)
#2 Don't lie for a product review
#3 You are your own content

Monday, 17 June 2013

3 Main Reason Why Colors Are Important For A Website

Sometimes we tend to forget the little detail that can give a big impact to our website. Reading or viewing a website can be tiring. Websites are like books except for the monitor lighting. Books do not produce lights so the eyes will be less tiring.

We all love internet. We do a lot of things online especially for information. The internet is the fastest way to find any information that you need. Finding information means reading text and articles.

What does this got to do with the colors? Everything! Remember when we are taught that website visitors will likely turn into customers? People need fast information so visitors will quickly scroll a website to find the information that they need and will likely never be coming back again.

In the other hand, we can hook this kind of visitors and make them a loyal visitor even though they accidentally stumble into a website that they never seen before. This is where the website looks will have their effects to visitors.

Colors are small matter but it is important for a website. It shows how the website will look like and how well does the website is organize. A super unique content will become a waste if people won't read it just because the website sucks.

These are the 3 main reason why colors are important for a website:

Reason #1 Create contrast 
What in the hell is contrast?! Did this question gets in the head? Don't laugh about it. Some people are too concentrated at building content but forgets the basics. This is the time to get back to basics and reach website audience.

Contrast is about vision. It is the arrangement or combination of colors and images to show differences. This will give the audience the idea to differentiate the website's content. Simply saying, the website is talking to its audience in a way of colors.

Imagine if Ebay stores are dull. Are they still get many customers? It will probably closed in 3 months time.

Contrast are not limited to images in a website. It also can be in texts. Use available elements that are cannot be used in books to make reading a pleasant experience. Contrast in text will show about links, expressions and importance.

Reason #2 Attract attention
Reading can be a nightmare for some people. Try to create a good view for readers so that they can give attention when they read. A dull website or plain simple text style will bore readers.

Believe it or not, there are websites with crap content but have loyal visitors just because their website looks 'cool' to them. Here is where people judge the book by its cover. People loves beautiful things. It can attract attention instantly.

Start by viewing your own favourite website. See how the website looks like and what really attracts your attention at the first place.

Reason #3 Organization
Too much color will send website to the cliff. Choose themes that are suitable for the website's purpose and also your purpose for creating the website. A few colors can make a huge difference. Don't mix up any color for no apparent reason.

Readers of a certain website maybe are adults but most of them still act like kids. Have control of the audience. Don't let a small mistake like color combination make readers go away.

Organized website can give visitors easy navigation. This is important for first time visitors. How many times do you leave a website just because you can't find anything there because of it is hard to navigate? Time is precious for all and audience won't waste their time to look at a website when the website is confusing.

Image: Color code for website. Find more at
Above is a few examples of colors that can be used for a website. For more colors and codes, go to and have custom colors for your website.

Monday, 20 May 2013

How To Write Good Article

Everyone who knows or want to use article marketing are aware that writing a good article is very important to promote or to market their blog and product. But the main question is, how do you write a good article? Do you write an article like you write an essay during school days? These questions will come out from your head if you realize that very few people visit and read your blog.

You will be asking yourself why is the article isn't interesting enough for people to read. Before going further on the topic, one thing you have to know is, article are really that damn important for your blog. Visitors will see how do you write your article and see if it is interesting enough to read.

How do we know if the article is not good? There, there my children, how can you not know the answer? There is no such thing as a bad article. Its the way you present the article that makes it looks bad.

Compare an online journal about volcanoes on an online database to an article about volcanoes in a magazine-type of website. Which one do you prefer to read?

Online journal could be very long and contain less or no image at all. While the magazine-type of website put colorful images with a bit distortion on the font. Well, I prefer the magazine-type.

There are two types of article. To write a good article, you must know what is the purpose of the article and where do you want to publish the article?

Online Journals
Source: Image
The two types of article are the textbook article and the freestyle article.

The Textbook Article
What does it mean by the textbook article? Yes, it is the article that you write according to the texbook rules. You can find a lot of articles like this at Ezine, Online Journals and news websites like CNN.

Textbook article are the top class article which means they are very, very good articles. Like what you learn in school, textbook article contain:

1. Introduction
2. Topic sentence
3. Description on the topic sentence
4. Appropriate examples
5. Well-structured paragraph
6. Conclusion/closing

The freestyle article
Freestyle article doesn't mean that it is bad. It is just as good as the textbook article. The articles are also very good. The only difference is that freestyle article don't have a certain format.

These type of articles can be seen in most informal websites that belongs to an individual. Many bloggers use freestyle when writing their content and most of them abuse the freestyle way. That is what makes the article looks bad.

I have a friend who owns a self hosted blog and he writes about 200 to 300 words per post. The most is 400 words mostly with no image, video or whatsoever. I pity the blog because it was not well-written. A bad thing and a waste for a self hosted blog.
Source: Image

Write good article
The most important thing to remember when trying to write is to maintain the article's credibility. No matter the article is for formal use or informal, keep it steady. What matter is the message sent through the article to the readers.

And bloggers must know where they want to post their article. That is the main problem of bloggers. They know how to write good articles but they don't know what is the main purpose on why did they even write the article. If you write for formal websites such as Ezine, you should write formally.

Ezine won't accept a freestyle article. They will reject your article if it is not in the right format and with good grammar. We are talking about English subject here.

Textbook article and freestyle article are both different but have the same purpose that is to send their messages to the reader. They are both good articles. The only different is the way the article is written. To avoid writing bad articles, you must know when to write formal and informal format.

Bloggers who write for their own blog can use whatever techniques they want. Do some revision on the keyword to attract organic traffic. This will solved your lack of traffic to your blog.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Definition of Multimedia?

Whether you realize it or not, you use or insert multimedia on your webpage or blog. Multimedia consist of text, graphic, audio, video or animation. Multimedia is easily defined if it is written multi-media. Multi means many and media comes from the plural medium.

So, basically multimedia is a combination of many medias. Multimedia is used as communication to make a better understanding of the message delivered. It is created using computer using applications and hardwares. In this era, it is cheaper to create multimedia compared to the 80s and 90s where computer hardwares are very expensive. Now, every computer have multimedia applications.

Text - Text is words. It can be written or printed. What you read here is text and it is a part of multimedia. A short messaging service is also text. Text can be changed by using fonts and font size. Fonts and font size are used to decorate text.

Types of font and size

Graphic - Graphics are pictures, charts, comics, illustrations, drawings and so on. It is usually related to the written presentation to make a clear understanding. Graphic acts as an aid to text. Example of graphic can be  seen in lectures where the speaker uses pictorial images in class. 

Powerpoint Presentation

Audio - Audio are sounds. Everything that is heard is audio. In computers, audio comes with many formats such as mp3, wma, wav and so on. Audio can be music, speech, conversation and many other. It is quite rare to see any audio format in websites except the websites are about music or movies.

Video - Video are moving images or graphics. Videos are recorded, copied and broadcasted electronically and they can be found in wmv, mov, 3gp, mpeg and so many other formats in computers. In doing tutorials online, video is a great media to use when demonstrating.

Illustration - Illustration are related to graphic. It is used to explain or clarify something for example feelings. Illustrator sometimes use their illustration to say something to the viewer. Illustrations are usually drawn whether by hand or computer.

Illustration of the planets in the solar system
Image: Source

Friday, 19 April 2013

5 Website Design That Should Be Avoided

Creating and building website is a passion for some people. Bloggers especially the newbies often get carried away in building their content. Their greed can overcome their passion in writing so they will make huge mistakes in creating their website. 

When internet mentor, guru or whatever they call it tells you 'content is king', they are damn right. Forget about blogging for money at first. Create a good website where content is the main thing that you should focused on. 

Of course for internet marketers, their goals is to sell something to their visitors. Even internet marketers also have to eat and live. I am not stopping anyone from selling their products or services online but visitors like you and me want to see the real content of the website, not just banners and ads.

Before you try to do something silly on your website, lets take a look at 5 website designs that you should avoid. You will lose a lot of visitors if you don't realize your mistakes. What do you do if you visit a website  is full of crap? Remember this question when decorating your own website.

Mistake #1 - Too Many Banners and Ads
Everyone got it that you want to sell your products or have some income from the internet but with too much banners and ads will take you nowhere. Even when people are interested with the product, they will buy it somewhere else. Your web design will drive people away because your website is giving the idea to visitors that it is full of scams.

This is an example of a website that is full of banners and ads. You may not understand what it is written there because it is written in Malay from Malaysia. You can check out the website for yourself at

Mistake #2 - Provide Little Information on Article(s)
Have you ever come across a website that provides you little information but tries to sell you something? I bet you want to shoot your monitor with a rifle. Especially if you just want some information about a certain topic. 

In the early days of the internet, that is how you market your product. If the visitor wants more information, they have to pay for it and buy the product. In these days, information is given free and you only buy the product if you want to. For example, the ebook or software.

Most of these websites don't exist anymore so, you better not make one. Try not to confuse visitors by putting product links everywhere on your website. Be honest and gain trust from visitors. This is an exception if you are building a website and send it to clickbank. 

Mistake #3 - Provides Link To Nowhere or To Different Page
I have seen this in a few websites. It is not many but I add it here for a reminder. I am a big fan of anime and I always check on certain websites for new updates. There is one particular website that I enjoyed much because they have anime manga that I can read weekly. You can check it at

If you read one of the manga, you will notice a few links with thumbnails with very unique titles below the manga. It looks interesting enough for me to click it and hoping to read something interesting. Unfortunately, these links will bring you to other page and then another and another. What even worse is, it does not cover the title. Some does brings you to the right title but it is just another crap.

For me, this is such a waste. They can provide you with interesting title but came out with crap. If they can come out with something interesting, they sure can market good products.

Mistake #4 - "Invincible" Fonts
I'm sure everyone are aware of this issue. Don't use font color that are not contrast with your website background. The fonts will make it hard to read or unreadable at all. How can you expect visitors to come if they can't read anything on your website?

The same goes for font style. Some fonts are hard to read and the alphabet is just hard to recognize. If its too hard to choose the font color or style, use white background. It is as simple as that and it doesn't hurt the reader's eyes. More like this website, check it on

Mistake #5 - Never Ending Scrolling
In some websites, the above for example, will make you scroll a long list of articles or stories in one web page. Time is money my friend. Not all people have the time to scroll down everything on your website. Add a few tabs will not hurt.

If you have a long article, I mean just one article, it doesn't matter that much. If the article is great, people will keep on reading. But if you have like forty articles and you put it on a single web page, you are standing on  a cliff with never ending bottom. Keep your website clean and simple for easy reading and navigating.