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Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Falling of Ringgit and Effects To IMers

We are all aware that Malaysia is now under a bad economic situation. Starting with the loss of MAS airplane (MH370), the bombed airplane (MH17), floods everywhere, the drop of oil price and also the bad investment made by the government.

These entire terrible things lead the country to the downfall of our currency. At this moment, the current Ringgit is RM3.61 compared to 1USD and that sucks. With all the terrible things happening in the country, it will cause investors to run. No businessmen are going to invest in a falling economy.

More bad news is coming for internet marketers in Malaysia. In the coming April, there is going to be taxation everywhere with the implementation of GST. With GST, the highest tax is going to be imported goods and foreign currency. Even the MEPS service will have GST.

The Effects to Internet Marketers

You might ask, what are all these things matters to me as an internet marketer? The main impact is the high currency conversion. As an internet marketer, we use US dollars in everyday transaction for example, the web host and domain name for starters. High impact is expected for new marketers so spend your investment wisely.

Ebay and Amazon resellers also need to watch out. If you are buying products as stocks, you are entitled for the 6% of GST. Try dropshipping instead. By drop ship, you don’t have to buy the product yourself. You only have to advertise them.

Many internet marketers are also shoppers because they are expert in cheap deals and they know where to find cheap stuff. Well, nowadays they are not as cheap as you think. All items will cost more than what you are bargaining for.

For those who are already earning income and quite successful, you can smile a bit because the US currency is quite high right now. The only problem is the percentage that the bank will take from you. I am not sure if the currency is GST taxable but for now it is not. Enjoy the high currency exchange at the time being.

Another problem that is going to cost you money is the local internet marketers. That means that all your currency is in Ringgit and you sell locally on your website, Facebook page and any other alternatives for local market only. This type of business must be registered with GST. One guy on Facebook says he currently has more than 20 websites running. That’s gonna be sucks.

The only good news is that you must register with GST is ONLY when your income is more than RM200,000. If you earn less than that, you can breathe now. Honestly speaking, I hate registering for any online business because I think it is personal unless if you have mega website like Zalora, Ebay and Amazon.


The time finally comes for us the internet marketers to face our country’s legal system. Before this, we are enjoying our freedom from the back of our laptop and computer and earn small income just to live. Now the government is taking that away from us. Don’t blame the government. It means that you must work harder to maintain what you already have and don’t have.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Seminar Review: Two Hours With Derek Gehl

Last week on Thursday 9/18 I have been attending a free seminar by Derek Gehl and yes you heard me right, it is FREE. I was wondering why someone like Derek Gehl would give a free seminar. What is the catch? I’m not new in internet marketing so I have some idea on what is the seminar is all about. So I thought to myself, I would not lose anything because it’s free and I have the chance to meet Derek Gehl in the flesh.

I book the ticket at the very last minute and it is still available. It was easy because all you have to do is book the ticket online or by using SMS. This was the easiest job. The hard part was driving there and waiting for the long cue to end.

As soon as I enter the hall at Pullman Hotel, the event starts. I was glad that I didn’t miss anything at the first few minutes. By the way, this seminar is organized by Maybank. The event attracts about 200 crowds and many of them are working adults. Also attending the event are a few youths.

Derek started his seminar by explaining what online business is and how to create an online business or literally on how to create a website. He explains all the basic stuff but not in detail because the seminar is only for two hours.

Honestly, I was bored to death and nearly abandoned my seat. All the stuff that he explained was just basic. But to my surprised when Derek ask the audience about who never build a website before, I think about 99% of the audience raise their hands. This makes me think OMG, am I in the wrong place?

I forced myself staying there because I was waiting for the ‘catch’ of the event. Finally, at the end of the seminar, he told the audience about how he can help new internet entrepreneurs on starting their internet business. This is what I’m waiting for, the real ‘meat’. I wish I could upload a few photos but taking any photos and videos is prohibited.
Derek Gehl Seminar Ticket

He was talking about his website The Entrepreneur Lab. This is a membership website and members can start by subscribing to a whole year package valued at RM6997 or USD2157. Back to the OMG thinking again because I don’t have the money that much.

This kind of membership is very important for people who don’t have any mentors to start an online business and this is a good place to start. I am used to buying ebooks and books about online business but it really doesn’t help much. The technology is changing every day and you need the latest method to keep your business running.

Here is some stuff you get when you register:
  • A-Z step-by-step training
  • No product idea needed
  • No advanced technical skills
  • Easy to follow video tutorials
  • Work at your own pace
  • Access training 24/7
  • New training added regularly
  • All skill levels, all ages
  • Learn the skills to make money for the rest of your life working where and when you want

For those who never tried building a business online, you should know that it is not easy. You at least need to know how to build a website. The steps involved are very hard for some people. That is why people like Derek create this type of business. But again, it’s not cheap.

At this moment, when I check back at the website, it said that they currently not accepting any members. I guessed that maybe because of Derek’s trip to Asia and they are trying to avoid membership overload.

In my opinion about this membership site, they should reduce the price for the first year. They said that they can guarantee that sales can be made from the website build and if this is true, reduce the price. For example, the first year they can charge about USD100 per month or USD1200. The next year if the member wants to renew their membership, they can charge more. It is as simple as that.

For this reason, I have to let go so many good website that offered me membership. It is not because they are not good but because of the ‘guarantee’ to make money. Imagine that you pay for something that you can’t lose and yet you cannot earn anything.


To be successful online, you must get any help that you can find. Working alone is very-very hard especially when there is no one that can give you support. The best thing to do is find a mentor who can help you with the little details. If money is not a problem, get some training.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Stop Wasting Your Time Mining Bitcoin

For anyone who don't know about bitcoin (BTC), I suggest you read about it first before reading this post. You also can see the video about bitcoin in Youtube. People are going crazy about bitcoin because it is considered a new currency with high value. At this time, the value of 1 bitcoin is around USD620. You can check bitcoin live value at

The highest value ever reached by bitcoin is USD1000. With bitcoin high in value, people are going bitcoin-crazy about it. If you don't know yet, bitcoin can be obtain freely on the internet. With the right hardware, it is easy to mine bitcoin. The hardware that you usually need is the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). To mine bitcoin, your hardware must be really mean and it can cost up to USD10,000. 
Bitcoin is better than gold

That sounds easy because many people can afford to buy the hardware for their mining rig. The bad news is the mining process is going to be difficult from day to day. We are talking about high-tech mining equipment here. With your home pc or laptop, you can forget about it. 

I tried to mine bitcoin using my laptop once. In a few days, I only can mine 1 satoshi. That is equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC. I know it sounds stupid to mine from my laptop but I would like to try it hands on to see how difficult it is to mine bitcoin. 

Mining is not for everyone including me and all those who have crappy pc like mine. The good news is, you still can get bitcoin in any other way. You can sell something online and tell your customers that you receive bitcoin as payment and you also can buy bitcoin online. 

My favorite way to get my hands on bitcoin is through free bitcoin sites. You don't earn much but it is faster than mining it yourself. Basically I'm talking about earning bitcoin through visiting websites. Here is my best two website where they pay high in commission after clicking and viewing other websites.


This is the best website out there and the easiest website to earn free bitcoin. The minimum payout is 0.00006000 BTC. You don't have to cash out your balance. It is automatically credited to your bitcoin wallet. To reach the minimum payout, it takes up to 2-3 days with no affiliate.

All you have to do is enter your wallet address to log in. Enter the capcha image and wait for 5 minutes for the advertisement to finish. There is a counter on top of the website and wait for it to finish and click next to proceed. Your balance also will appear at the timer's banner.


The difference about Coinad from Bitvisitor is the amount of ads to click and the amount you receive. Coinad pays much better but it takes longer to pay you. It can take up to 1 week before you can see your earning in your wallet. The minimum payout is 0.15 mbtc.

Coinbox faucets

This is a group of websites that pays you bitcoin when you enter your wallet address. All your earning from these websites are send to coinbox. You can check your balance there. One website will pay you once in every 30 minutes. Your minimum payout will be 0.00005500 BTC. Here are the websites:

Update 18/07/2014
This is one website that contain all the faucets above including others. There are 99 faucets listed and you don't have to click to open any other window to view them. In one day you can get up to 7000 satoshi. Enjoy!

There you have it! Those are all the websites that can give you free bitcoins. However, if you think that mining is good for you and fast enough, you can go for it. But in my case, I think I prefer to earn bitcoin in other ways. If you have other websites that you want to recommend, please share them at the comment box.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fiverr Review on Gigs Offered is a website that promotes gigs for people who wants to make some extra cash online. They use the term ‘gig’ for the services offered. People who have expertise (even a little) can register their gigs at Fiverr for quick cash. I found myself is also interested to put my gig there. I love to write for about anything and maybe one day I’ll post my gigs there (don’t forget to purchase lol).

If you head to Fiverr now, you will notice most of the gigs are insanely cheap. For a basic gig offered, it will cost flatly just $5.00. That is just the basic gig. If you want more ‘intensive’ and ‘accurate’ gig, you have to pay more. But it is still considered cheap than hiring someone from Odesk and Elance. For an extra gig, they will cost about $10 to a few hundred dollars. But mostly you will find it is up to $50.

The ordering process is also very easy. You can order any gig by using your Paypal account or Bitcoin. With a few clicks, you are good to go with the order. This is the best part that I like about Fiverr. There are no hassles when ordering. It is better than buying stuffs online.  I hope other website will learn this kind of stuff from Fiverr. Everyone is a consumer, can’t they see what makes people lives easier?

For internet marketer who wants to make a few bucks to kill time, this is the right place to look for. Considering the pay is cheap, the services are also quite simple. There are a lot of gig types like article writing, resume writing, buy facebook ‘likes’, get twitter followers, get website traffic, learn to play musical instruments, design a web page and so much more for just $5.00.

Other people who needs their job quickly done or don’t have the time to do their work, Fiverr is the best alternative to search for the appropriate services needed. Like I said at the above paragraph, the purchasing process is as smooth as silk. It’s easy to use and the job that you require will be done in no time. The period of time stated is 24 hours. Most work will be done during that time period except if they ask for extra time.

Choose your gig wisely. I spend a lot of money at Fiverr because I wasn’t satisfied with the work done. The gigs advertised are rated by user but high rated ads will usually have their hands full. I have no other choice but to pick other low or unrated gigs. Contact the gig advertiser before you do any purchase. Ask any question before agreeing with the purchasing. 

It is quite a terrible experience for me at Fiverr during the first few purchase. As I was adjusting myself with Fiverr environment, I become better at choosing. You cannot bargain the price but you can choose which one you prefer. Once purchase is made, you cannot take it back however you can do a cancellation at the beginning of your order if you feel that you don’t need the service anymore.

Bad experiences don’t stop me from purchasing more gigs. The trick behind any purchase is the choosing part. You must choose carefully. For as low as $5, don’t expect the gig offered is the best but some advertisers are the best in their business. If you don’t like the gig after it is delivered, you can give negative comments to the advertiser and learn from your mistake.

For conclusion on Fiverr and their gigs, I think they still give the best offer any money can buy. It does worth the money spend. There might be bad services but when you think back it’s only for five bucks, you get what you pay for.

To avoid getting bad business with the advertiser, contact the advertiser first and see whether he or she is responding fast or bargaining for their service. If you are not satisfied, don’t place your order. It is a simple as that. 

If you are thinking about placing your own gig at Fiverr, that is the best place to start to advertise your service. I think most people go to Fiverr now because of their cheap and fast product and services delivery. You can place more than one gig at a time. 

Disagree with me? Add a comment below and share your thoughts. For those who never visited Fiverr, go and check for yourself at

Thursday, 30 January 2014

2014 Resolutions For Bloggers

It is almost the end of January. Have you thought about your resolution for 2014? Even a blogger also have a resolution or few resolutions. Remember that blogging is a business. You must have a goal for your blog. Do it slowly but it is a must. Don’t waste time blogging if you are not in to it.

If you like blogging, I guess you already have a resolution for this year. Resolutions are different for each blogger. It is according to their achievements. If you failed to achieve your last year resolution, you can also do it this year. No one is forcing you to do something because that is your own duty.

For my resolution this year, I want to draw more traffic to my blog including this blogger blog. I love this blog even though it is not perfect. It is a place where I can write my personal emotions about blogging and my blog development. If you need help to find your resolution, you can read take note below:

Start a new blog

Register to another mailing list service

Changing the entire template

Sell old blog

Changing SEO style

Give more comments on other blogs/make friends

Driving more traffic

Get more sales

Increase more profit

Finding sponsors

Register new affiliate programs

Learning new techniques in web development

Learn some HTML

Create a landing page

Work more on social network

Get your article published in article directory

Increase blog security

These are only examples. You can choose one if you are interested. If you already have your own resolution, get it going now. Make sure that you can finish it before the year ends. Start your engine immediately.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Methods To Promote Your Blog For Free

Bloggers are so crazy about visitors. Many bloggers check their blog visitors every day to see how many people are visiting their blog. This is because all bloggers want other people to read what they are trying to say and their personal opinion.

No one creates a blog for the sake of blogging without anyone visiting them. That is what a blog is all about. Blogging is socializing. You don’t have to be a great writer to start a blog. You blog because you want to hear other people’s opinion and also show others what is your opinion on a certain topic.

Bloggers that have extra cash to spend, they sometimes spend big only to bring people to their blog. One of the most popular place to advertise your blog is through Google Adword. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can create a hole in your pocket through the wrong step you take.

Don’t feel down with competitors that have the cash. You can go slowly in driving traffic. The best way to bring traffic to your blog is through free methods and not by spending so much in ads. Don’t get me wrong. If you have the money, you can go the faster way.

In the other hand, I prefer free traffic through free methods. I hate to pay for ads except for driving traffic to a landing page. That is a different story because you are trying to sell something. You will usually get your money back if you can sell something. Here are the free methods that can make a difference to your blog:

Blog commenting

Leave your comments at other blogs that have the same topic or niche as you are. Keep the blog’s address for you to go back in the future. It is a good idea to make friends with people who have the same interest as you. 

Blog commenting allows you to leave your blog’s address when you leave your comments. Don’t do this to spam other blogs or they will block your comments. Leave quality comments so that other people who read your comment knows that you are not a spam bot.

Use social media

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are use widely around the world and the best part of it is you can use it for free. Post something that people love to read about for instance something funny, sad and touching story. When other people likes your post, they will help you share.

Blogging style social media such as Tumblr, Pinterest and Squidoo also plays an important part. You can write something about your blog or about your topic and leave a link there. If someone is interested in your article, they will click your link and you will have free traffic.

Article marketing

For me, this is the hard part but this is the best way to make your blog known to others. English is not my first language. That means I will have grammatical errors everywhere on my article no matter how much I check my article. for this reason I stick with social media.

If you think your English is great and you know how to format your article, you are good to go. The best way to send your article is to Ezine Article. People always look around Ezine to find free articles and probably they will find yours. Ezine is just an example. You can send your article in any article directory website that you prefer.

Word of mouth

This is a traditional way of promoting. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t intend to ask you to promote your blog to anyone you see (that also works). What I meant here is when your blog is popular and worthy to read, people can introduce your blog to their friends. 

If you have a business card, you can write down your blog there. Some people start a blog for business purpose and giving business cards away with their blog’s address is a pretty normal thing to do. Don’t be so down in promoting your blog.

Monday, 6 January 2014

It's 2014 and I don't Want To Live in Poverty

It is a bit late but I want to wish every reader of this blog a Happy New Year 2014. A lot of thing had happen during these few days in the new year but all about price and tax increment. But you have to remember that this does not affect your online business at all.

I came to my senses when I heard about all the bad news involving money. What I realize is, I don’t want to live in poverty. That is why I started blogging and blogging is the cheapest way to start a business. Don’t complain about expenses when you are doing nothing about it.

If you try any other physical business such as a flower shop, you need a lot of money to open one. I’m not interested in physical business because I don’t have that kind of money to spend and I can’t afford to loss that money. 

I am sticking to online business forever. The hardship of doing online business is the same as physical business but I enjoy going online because you don’t have to go out from your house to meet people especially your customers.
If you want something, you have to work for it. You can’t get anything for free these days. Sometimes it really saddens me to see people who complain a lot but don’t do anything. Get that lazy ass of yours and start doing something for yourself.

Blogging is like an ordinary business. Yes, it does start slowly. It takes me at least six months to see money rolling in for a few cents. You heard me right, a few cents. A brand new website really takes a long time to see some results. Don’t be discouraged. Stick to it and you will be rewarded. 

Find the right motivation for you to keep you going. For me, my motivation is money and success. Money is a second thing. Success is what everyone really wants. If you are not success, you can’t have money. When I see other people who are better than me, it will motivate me to keep going further. 

Don’t be jealous with other people and their success. Make it as a competition for you. You don’t know what they have been through to get to their status now. They have been in your shoes. What makes them success is their own hard work. If you stop now, you won’t make it like them. 


I won’t make this blog post very long because I know some people hate to read something that motivates them especially if it comes from a nobody like me. But the choice is in your hand. Next time if you see someone is better than you, don’t complain like a little girl.