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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Organic Traffic - How To Send Your Website To Search Engines

Organic traffic are the traffics that comes from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These traffic comes to a website because the search engines shows your website content on the search result. That is why blogs are more SEO friendly than a regular websites. It is because blogs have articles and with keyword density, it's heaven for blogs.

Everytime an internet user key in a keyword on the search bar and hit enter, the search result usually shows what is related to the keyword. Those keywords are within a website. If it is related to your website or blog, it will show your website name and the keywords used.

Don't Forget To Send Your Website
When building your first website, organic traffic will come across to your mind because it is the most easy part of finding free traffic. To do that, keyword research is done to make your website SEO friendly. After that, add a few articles that contains the keywords that you have found.

Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, it is easy indeed. But what I want to point here is, some people totally forgot that they need to send their website to the search engines.

Free platform such as Blogger is belong to Google and you don't have to send it again but you can send your website site map through Google Webmaster Tool.

I have been blogging for six months and I love to view the analytics whether it is on Blogger itself or the third party like Google Analytics. Viewing the incoming traffic can give you some idea on how to improve organic traffic. Lately, I'm wondering that no traffic came from other search engines besides Google.

Then I realize, OMG I totally forgot to send my website to other search engines! What a silly mistake that I made. If you haven't do that, send your website now. Here is how to send your website to Yahoo and Bing:

    1.  Go to Bing Webmaster Tool and sign in using your Live or Hotmail account
    2.  Click on "Add Your Website" button
    3.  On the "Add your sitemap" bar, add the following:

    4.  Change to your own website name
    5.  You will be asked to verify your website. There are 3 options, choose option no2.
    6.  Go to your website HTML editor and look for <head> tag and paste the HTML just under the
         <head> tag.
    7.  Go back to Bing Webmaster Tool and click "Verify"

Ping Your Website With Yahoo and Bing
Copy and paste the below code to your browser:

1-500 Posts

501-1000 Posts

1001-1500 Posts

Don't forget to change to your own website. After copy and paste, you will see a message "Thank you for submitting your sitemap". Ping your website just after you submit your website to Bing Webmaster Tool.

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