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Friday, 23 May 2014

Get Free Facebook Likes, Free Twitter Followers and So Much More

Are you setting up a new Facebook Fan Page, a new Twitter account or even a new Pinterest board? I know it is hard to get likes or even followers. Some people even buy their followers but what is the use when you can get it for free and the good news is they are real followers. What I don’t like about buying followers is sometimes they are not real. Sellers sometimes use bots to like your Facebook page.

I came across with a website that offers so many things for a new account that you have just set up at Here is what you get when you register to AddMeFast:


  • Facebook likes
  • Facebook share
  • Facebook followers
  • Facebook post likes
  • Facebook post shares


  • Instagram followers
  • Instagram Likes


  • Twitter followers
  • Twitter tweets
  • Twitter retweets
  • Twitter favorites


  • Youtube subscribes
  • Youtube likes
  • Youtube favorites
  • Youtube views


  • Google circles
  • Google share

  • Ask. Fm likes


  • Vine likes
  • Vine followers
  • Vine revines


  • Vkontakte pages
  • Vkontakte groups


  • Myspace friends


  • Pinterest followers
  • Pinterest repins
  • Pinterest likes


  • Reverbnation fans


  • Soundcloud follow
  • Soundcloud play


  • Stumbleupon follow


  • Website hits (traffic)

How it work

1. Go to to register. The registration form is not long and easy to fill.

2. They will send you a confirmation email and click from your email to sign in.

3. On first sign up, you will be given 50 free points

4. Now go to the green button on the left and click Add site/page

5. Register any account you want and any service that you need. Tips: Don’t register any service that you don’t need because you will lose points there when someone click on it. Think of it like adsense CPC.

6. Set up the Cost Per Click (CPC). Minimum is two and maximum is ten. I use two at first because I really need likes for my Facebook Fan Page.

7. If you need free points, click on the buttons under the Free Points. You will like other people’s page, share or follow to get free points. This will give you a win-win situation. You get followers and other people also get their followers.

8. You also can buy points. Click on the ‘Need unlimited points on addmefast’ banner and you can choose three different packages that charge you on weekly basis.

AddMeFast aslo have affiliate program but they don’t give you money (correct me if I’m wrong). You will receive 300 points if you refer others.


That’s it! You are done. Now you can have express free Facebook likes, followers or anything you like all for free and real people. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How To Start Blogging From Scratch

Before you start blogging, I guess that there are a lot of things in your mind bugging you. People always worried about costs, research, keywords and so on. These things are normal. Sometimes it feels like getting married for the first time. I was like that before and I even think too much.

Let me tell you this, most people don’t even know how to start including myself. I thought what do I have to do? Should I do this or do that? It seems small but a lot of internet marketing gurus don’t care about the starting point where it is the most important step in starting an internet business. 

The first step is important because that what makes you start and if you don’t know what to do, it can paralyze your step for a while. People need guidance from successful people. They need to imitate what others do before starting to do it themselves. 

What I want to share with you today is about the product that helps me going through those ‘big steps’. The first time I started blogging, I bought this product and I think that this product is one of the best products when you want to start blogging.

It is called Blogging With JohnChow. I don’t know who John Chow was but I find him around the internet when you search something about making money online. I have read that his website was penalize by google a few years back and he is not on the front page of google anymore.

I also have been to his blog and became a regular reader because I like how he teaches us new bloggers on how to blog and I also like his explanation on things. He uses simple English like mine here because both of us don’t use English as our first language (I think mine is worse). 

John Chow himself now is one of the successful internet marketers in the internet world. His ebook, BloggingWith John Chow shows that how does he started blogging and now he shares it with us. This is not the best book available online but in my opinion it is the best for newbies to start up their blog.

Advantages of Blogging With JohnChow

The best thing about this ebook is the thirty days action plan to follow. You will be given a thirty days plan about what you need to do from the first day until day thirty. It’s a to-do list. Don’t worry because it is simple and easy to follow.

You will be given nine modules for you to read and understand about blogging and other things that you can do with your blog such as making money from it. There is another one bonus module for you called ‘Automation Empire Module’ is where John Chow reveal some secret and ‘tricks’ about his success.

You don’t have to worry because there is no black hat tactics in this ebook. This ebook even can’t be copied because you only can access it online. I think this is for copyright purpose and I don’t have a problem with that. Nobody wants to get scammed, right?


If you buy Blogging With John Chow, you will be given a few bonus. When I look at this bonus, I think it is for the convenience for us to start up a blog. I don’t want to share what is the bonus. You have to buy the ebook yourself for you to find out.


One thing that disappoints me is the module part. I think it is too simple and short.  Maybe John Chow himself doesn’t want us to get information overload or it’s only just me who wants some more. It is really fun to read and entertaining too.

The second thing that I don’t like is the bonus part. It is rewarding if you have the right niche but for me, I couldn’t find my niche there. Because of this, I don’t feel that I have the bonus. Make sure you have a common niche with high demand before purchasing the ebook.

This ebook is for total beginner and intermediate level. If you think you are good enough and have started blogging before, this book is not for you.


As conclusion from reading the whole ebook and follows what it tells me, it is the best ebook that I can find that really can help you get started. I know how a beginner feel and think. That is why I recommend you to purchase this ebook for your own convenience. 

Some of you might think, there is no way an ebook would tell me how to start from scratch. Well, this ebook does. It has step by step guide for you to follow for each day. This ebook is quite cheap for the quality it gives and it is a value for money product.

Bonus Technical Videos

I think I will pass to make a review on this but I think I should share it here briefly. John Chow also have video collections about blogging technical stuff such as setting up the blog for yourself. It’s kind of do-it-yourself video. It is called Wp Blog Videos -Step-by-step Blogging Tutorials.

The collection is over 100 videos of setting up your blog. This video collection is not sold with Blogging WithJohn Chow. It is sold separately. 

Type: Online Ebook
Price: $37.00
Rating: 4 star

Type: Video format
Price:  $97.00 (A lifetime access)