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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fiverr Review on Gigs Offered is a website that promotes gigs for people who wants to make some extra cash online. They use the term ‘gig’ for the services offered. People who have expertise (even a little) can register their gigs at Fiverr for quick cash. I found myself is also interested to put my gig there. I love to write for about anything and maybe one day I’ll post my gigs there (don’t forget to purchase lol).

If you head to Fiverr now, you will notice most of the gigs are insanely cheap. For a basic gig offered, it will cost flatly just $5.00. That is just the basic gig. If you want more ‘intensive’ and ‘accurate’ gig, you have to pay more. But it is still considered cheap than hiring someone from Odesk and Elance. For an extra gig, they will cost about $10 to a few hundred dollars. But mostly you will find it is up to $50.

The ordering process is also very easy. You can order any gig by using your Paypal account or Bitcoin. With a few clicks, you are good to go with the order. This is the best part that I like about Fiverr. There are no hassles when ordering. It is better than buying stuffs online.  I hope other website will learn this kind of stuff from Fiverr. Everyone is a consumer, can’t they see what makes people lives easier?

For internet marketer who wants to make a few bucks to kill time, this is the right place to look for. Considering the pay is cheap, the services are also quite simple. There are a lot of gig types like article writing, resume writing, buy facebook ‘likes’, get twitter followers, get website traffic, learn to play musical instruments, design a web page and so much more for just $5.00.

Other people who needs their job quickly done or don’t have the time to do their work, Fiverr is the best alternative to search for the appropriate services needed. Like I said at the above paragraph, the purchasing process is as smooth as silk. It’s easy to use and the job that you require will be done in no time. The period of time stated is 24 hours. Most work will be done during that time period except if they ask for extra time.

Choose your gig wisely. I spend a lot of money at Fiverr because I wasn’t satisfied with the work done. The gigs advertised are rated by user but high rated ads will usually have their hands full. I have no other choice but to pick other low or unrated gigs. Contact the gig advertiser before you do any purchase. Ask any question before agreeing with the purchasing. 

It is quite a terrible experience for me at Fiverr during the first few purchase. As I was adjusting myself with Fiverr environment, I become better at choosing. You cannot bargain the price but you can choose which one you prefer. Once purchase is made, you cannot take it back however you can do a cancellation at the beginning of your order if you feel that you don’t need the service anymore.

Bad experiences don’t stop me from purchasing more gigs. The trick behind any purchase is the choosing part. You must choose carefully. For as low as $5, don’t expect the gig offered is the best but some advertisers are the best in their business. If you don’t like the gig after it is delivered, you can give negative comments to the advertiser and learn from your mistake.

For conclusion on Fiverr and their gigs, I think they still give the best offer any money can buy. It does worth the money spend. There might be bad services but when you think back it’s only for five bucks, you get what you pay for.

To avoid getting bad business with the advertiser, contact the advertiser first and see whether he or she is responding fast or bargaining for their service. If you are not satisfied, don’t place your order. It is a simple as that. 

If you are thinking about placing your own gig at Fiverr, that is the best place to start to advertise your service. I think most people go to Fiverr now because of their cheap and fast product and services delivery. You can place more than one gig at a time. 

Disagree with me? Add a comment below and share your thoughts. For those who never visited Fiverr, go and check for yourself at

Friday, 11 April 2014

Blogging Is That Damn Hard

Have everyone tried blogging yet. You may not be influenced by me maybe some other blogging gurus out there that may be your coach or trainer. I hoped somebody will tell their story with me and other readers on their personal opinion when blogging. Experience is the best teacher in life. What makes you tomorrow is your own experience.

I will share mine first. For anyone who already started blogging, they will realize that it is not as easy as they think. That is why only a few survive the blogging world. With millions of blogs out there, there is almost no chance of survival. Many can start a blog but many can’t maintain it and they will give up. Don’t think blogging is a piece of cake if you never blog before.

The reason I blog is to share my experience and I want my readers to feel what I feel. I love to influence others by my writing even though my English is not that perfect. As long as readers understand what I’m trying to say will be enough for me. The feelings that when everyone read what comes out from your head is priceless. It’s worth more than all the money in the world.

Feels like giving up?
It is important to blog about something that you are passionate about. I’ve read about this but I can’t put it in the right word. Describing feelings is my weakness but I try to make you understand. Blogging is actually like a job or hobby. Don’t think about money first. Get your job going and you will reap on what you sow. If you have a daily job, you will understand this. No job means no money.

For me, readers are more important. Concentrate on bringing traffic to your blog rather than focusing on trying to make money. A blog is an online journal, don’t forget about that. How can you write a journal when nobody wants to read your blog? Bring readers first, and then you can make money. Bringing traffic to your blog is the main obstacle that you must overcome because it is the hardest part of blogging. For this reason also, many will give up.

Avoid negative thinking in your head. Don’t listen to those voices in your head saying “you are not good enough”, “nobody wants to read those crap you write”, “there are too many competitors” or “this blog will take years to develop”. If you are not sure if blogging suits you, do many experiments. Create a few blogs from free blogging platform. If you love what you are doing, then you can go for paid domains.

Here are examples of obstacles when you start a blog:

  • Lack of idea in writing
  • Lazy to update your blog
  • Not consistent in updating your blog
  • Too many competitors those are obviously better than you
  • No traffic (don’t know how to get traffic)
  • No traffic (too lazy to find traffic)
  • Always doing things for money (this can really frustrates you)
  • Thinks that blogging is easy
  • Don’t care about asking for help
  • Give up too quick

I can list down a hundred more obstacles if I want to. This is just the example. People are different and they see things differently. Some may give up for a while but they will continue back what they have started. Some people just give up and do something else. Not all people are lucky enough to head straight to success. Almost all have to work hard.

Discipline yourself if you want to blog. Some people see blogging as an impossible way to make money. This is certainly almost true. You can make a few cents and a few bucks per month but to really make money seems impossible. But think back again, if you can make a few cents or a few bucks, it means that you can make money by blogging. 


Blogging is a business and no businessman starts their empire in a blink of an eye. You have to work hard. Let’s stop talking about blogging for now. Talk about starting an outlet, shop, stalls or any other physical business. You will again face the same problem. You don’t get successful if you don’t do anything. You have to advertise and introduce your business to others.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Top 10 List About Things You Should Never Forget If You Have A New Blog

You set up a blog or you bought one, get your post ready or at least some ideas, post it to your blog and everything should be fine, right? Wrong! I’ve been doing this for a few months but I can’t seem to get traffic to my blog. It bugs me for a while then I realize I didn’t do anything to improve the blog’s SEO and keywords.

Being a blogger means that you always do the same thing with a new blog in your possession. There are no other ways to get traffic to your blog. Doing the same thing every time can make your brain forgetful. Sometimes you are too busy with your personal schedule and you will tend to forget about small stuff about your blog.

I was truly devastated knowing that I don’t have good traffic to my blog for no apparent reason. But it’s not anyone’s fault. I’m only tired and couldn’t remember to set up the SEO pluggin and everything else. The only thing I remember was just to post my article every two days. Then I have to continue with my work and study. 

This is not a long post. I only want to remind you about the things that you might forget to do with your blog. Remember that you should always keep this list on your note so that you would not forget. Here is the top 10 list:

  • Do keyword research
  • Set up your SEO
  • Wait for your blog’s traffic results
  • Do a few experiments with your tweak to get the best result
  • Test your blog again
  • Comment on other blogs/competitor
  • Join forums
  • Be active on the internet/be social
  • Update your social account often
  • Build your relationship with readers