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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Design, Creativity and Innovation of a Blog

As we all know, blog is very popular and a common tool used by internet users. People from primary school children to large organization use blog to communicate with other internet users on certain topics. Blog can contain everyday activities like a traditional diary for an individual to promotional tool by an organization. Blog is short for web log. It can be a paid service or free such as as what you are reading here.

Every day throughout the year, many internet enthusiasts created their blog and tried to maintain it as long as they can. Unfortunately, many of the blogs failed miserably and lost their readers. To maintain a blog, you should look at the design, creativity and innovation and how to apply them in a regular basis.

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In real life, we say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but this cannot be applied in blogs. In creating a blog, people do judge your blog design. Imagine talking to two different people, one looks homeless and the other looks like an executive. Which one are you going to ask about investment advice? That is how important the blog design is. As humans, we are attracted to beautiful designs.

Beautiful design is important but do not overdo it. Do not fill every empty space on your blog. Some people tend to put banners, advertisements, messages and whatever to every empty space in their blog. This can make it difficult to find stuffs in your blog. Remember, time is money to some people. Your blog’s visitors will not read everything in your blog to find the stuffs that they need. Returning visitors usually want to find something in your blog because they already know how your blog looks like and the content. Make it easy for them. Put your search box where it is easy to find.

Make your text readable. Do not use unnecessary text fonts and colors that are not contrast with the background. This will cause reading your blog content looks like a trip to hell. Create paragraph after a few lines and add subheadings.

Do not forget to create your logo. Logo is important to a blog. It is a trademark. Do not get depress in trying to create one. You can use text to create your logo. There is no need to spend a dime. A fancy logo is not worth it if the content of the blog is crap.


It is best to start a controversy but do not cross the line. Readers love controversies. If the topic is just right, you can be a star in just one night. Just write something that what people want to read about. It is also important to organize your idea for your blog. Know about an interesting topic and who your audiences are.

Sometimes it is hard at the beginning. Read and learn more about your topic. Be an expert to it. Once you are familiar with it, ideas will flow naturally. Readers like to read about fresh ideas and gain knowledge from it. Keep your ideas up to date.

Remember to not giving up on your blog. Keep on writing and posting. No one creates a blog with nothing to say. Be creative in your writing. If you cannot write, you can hire a writer to write for you. There are many freelance writers who will write for you for a small fee.

Regular update will draw traffic to your blog but first time visitor will not buy anything from your blog. Do not even try to sell anything to first time visitors. Make a good relationship with them to make them coming back. You can do this by inviting them to subscribe to your RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed, sign up for email list, subscribe your blog post or be a fan on social network.

The next thing is communicate with your readers. Do some poll questions, contest and giving freebies. In this way, you will communicate with your readers and they also can give their opinion. Be creative in asking questions to draw the visitor’s attention. But make sure the questions are related to your blog topic.

Change your blog template regularly especially during festive season and special occasions. This will make a good impression to your blog and visitors will see that you are up to date and sensitive with everyday activities.

Do not forget to be creative with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). ‘Trick’ the SEO to make your blog on top of the search list. Put keywords on your blog headlines and unique title tags.


Creating a blog that is different from others is quite important but avoid using a never-seen-before design. It is good to be innovative but never-seen-before design will confused the readers. Do not waste other people’s time looking at the design. Make the visitors know clearly what is your blog is about and who are the audience.

When writing about controversies, make sure the idea is new but reliable. Do not write anything that is not true. You can lose a lot of visitors if they find out that you are writing crap or worse you can end up facing a lawsuit. Being innovative in blog writing is a very good thing but do not cross the line just for asking attention for a day.

Blog design is like a face to your blog. Do not change it regularly. The best thing to do, do not try to change it. People love the way it is because they are used to it. However, if your blog looks lame, it is a different story. The content comes first then the design.

Start now!

What are you waiting for? Start your own blog and have fun. Blogging is a fun thing to do. If you do not know where to start, ask a person who knows about blogging or search in the internet on how to create a blog account. Do not give up on your blog. Who knows that your informative blog can be an ATM machine for you. Make your blog successful or die trying.

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