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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bare All: What IM Guru Are Reluctant To Tell You

If you’ve been on the internet on the 90s to the early 2000, you will know what I mean by what IM guru are reluctant to tell you. Those are the days when the phrase ‘making money online’, ‘get rich online’ and ‘be your own boss’ was really famous and many got scammed online.

I am not talking about online scam but the real IM guru that sell products for you to start blogging. Blogging is a famous term then. By blogging it means that you start from scratch and write anything that you are interested in like hobbies, occupation or even talent that you had. 

Famous gurus from the 2000s were big names like John Chow, Pat Flynn, Jeremy ‘ShoeMoney’ and many more. I love these guys and I even bought some of their product. Some work and some don’t but it depends on your part also. If you are lazy and broke, you can’t hope for anything.

It is during those days that I realize that making money online is not an easy task. You must have some skills and passion to draw your internet success. But what’s still pissing me off until today is the way that the gurus are presenting their making money online products. They made it sound so easy that any school children can follow their instructions. 

Honestly, I bought their product because they tell their readers/customers on how easy it is to set up a website. I didn’t purchase because of greed for money or anything. I just want to learn something. I have passion for IM and I will learn about it no matter what!

The moral of the story (in my case), every business no matter where do you plant it, will get a rough start and this is including IM. I learned my lessons well and thinking back about it will surely made my day. Anyway, here I want to bare all what are the things that IM gurus are reluctant to tell you.

1. IM Guru said: Build your own website

Bare all:

There are many types of website. The most famous website for making money are micro niche sites (MNS), authority sites and e-commerce websites. Blogging will get you nowhere. Well, it will but for a long period of time.

2. IM Guru said: Buy a self-hosted domain and hosting (usually they will recommend Hostgator and Bluehost)

Bare all:

There are a lot of other cheap hosting provider out there. Hostgator and Bluehost are not bad hosting but it is expensive for newbies who just wanted to take their first step in learning. For example 123system offer $4 hosting per year. But cheap hosting are usually not the best hosting. I have bad experience with 1and1 hosting.

There are also a few types of hosting. The cheapest and that I would recommend for newbies are shared hosting. For full control of the hosting, buy a virtual private server (VPS). Search Google for more information about web hosting. 

For domain, if you register a domain with a different provider, you will have to learn the steps to point the domain to the hosting. You will not encounter this if you have the same provider as your hosting company. For this, I personally, use different domain registrar and different hosting provider for security reason.

3. IM Guru said: You can get a cheap domain for $0.99

Bare all:

This is absolutely true, however you will sometimes need a discount coupon for that. In rare cases, you will stumble with $0.99 promotion while you were registering for a new domain. That $0.99 is just for the domain name. It is not including whois privacy protection. Without this, people can see your details if they check the domain name.

4. IM Guru said: Choose a profitable niche (topic) to write

Bare all:

The Google Keyword Tool is long gone. This is the best tool so far to find a profitable niche. The topic not also must be profitable but with low competition. Keyword research and the right keyword is the most important thing for a website to go explode. 

At this time, the most popular keyword research tools are Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai. Most people now use LTP because it can count the competition and it can generate long tail keywords. You can try LTP for a 10 days trial, one-time payment of $97 or with monthly subscription of $27 (pro + platinum). 

Market Samurai comes with only one time payment of $149. The trial version is for 14 days and if you purchase before this trial is over, you will have a discount of $50 and Market Samurai will cost you $99 for a one-time payment. Even Market Samurai is not a popular choice anymore but I still use it because it has a good user interface with different colors to examine competitors.

5. IM Guru said: Build backlinks to make your website famous

Bare all:

You can build backlinks by building web 2.0 properties, using Private Blog Network (PBN), blog commenting, forum posting, using social media, guest posting and many more. That is only for one website, yes, one only. That is really a tiring work for just one website. To make it worse, Google regularly update their algorithm for their search engine ranking.  

People nowadays outsource this kind of stuff. A SEO package for a website is not cheap. It can cost about a few hundred dollars to thousands. You can find such package in the Warrior forum or BlackHatWorld forum. Those guys’ rocks.

6. IM Guru said: Write often on your website

Bare all:

The recommendation varies according to which guru you learn from. Some recommend once a day or a few times a week. Again, this is only for one website. If you have 10 websites, it will give you a total knockout.

You will also need to outsource this. It is easier than done. Cheap articles are always crap. You have to edit them yourself to make it readable. For tips, buy articles that cost more than $5 for a 500 word article.

Monday, 12 May 2014

What Are Backlinks and How Do You Create Them?

Webmasters, internet marketers and bloggers are very familiar with the term backlinks and what it does to a website. People who never start a website and never heard of backlinks will one day become familiar with them. This is because backlinks have great effects to a certain website. It shows that the particular website is popular and talked around any other website or forums.

Now the main question, what is a backlink? Wikipedia defines backlink as:
    "Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node." – Wikipedia

For easier understanding, backlinks are your website’s signature that you leave behind when you visit another website, forums and any other social interactions on the web. When other people who want to know more about you or your website, they will click on those links and they will be directed to your personal webpage, Facebook fan page, google+, blog, twitter or any other thing that you want visitors to go. In this case, usually people will drive traffic to their blog or blog post.

If you see the backlinks definition by Wikipedia, you realize that there are a few types of backlinks that you can create. We will go to that part later. Let’s stay at the basic first. The basic thing about backlinks is they are supposed to help your website rank better in search engines and they are good for SEO.

When you create backlinks for your website, it is closely related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and your website’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Hundreds and thousands of backlinks means that your website is popular among internet users and it will push your website to higher ranking when internet users do search term related to your website topic.

Backlinks can be created manually or automatically. Manual backlinks are when you go to a certain website and comment, post or submit your link yourself. This is quite tiring but it is the best way to do it or at least pay someone to do it. Automatic back linking is when you do backlinks using certain software which is usually paid software. All you have to do is put your website url there and it will magically send your website link to any bookmarking site.

In terms of SEO, the term black hat, grey hat and white hat will be most commonly used. It is like doing SEO with ethics whether it is bad, moderate or nice. Good backlinks means your website is SEO friendly.

Black Hat SEO

These techniques are not ethical at all. It is aggressive and usually done automatically with software that usually created by the user or that you can buy from software’s black market.  The results in doing black hat are extremely fast and you can get rank on 1st page of Google. Creating backlinks using black hat techniques are super-fast but it is useless. Most of the backlinks are created using bots which is considered spamming.

The black hat techniques don’t last long. Google and other search engines are not that stupid. That is why Google launch the Panda and Penguin algorithms. After these cute animals are unleashed, many websites are taking its toll and de-ranked from their original rank. Many people thought that these algorithms are bad but I personally think it’s good. These algorithms create a fair play in the SEO field. It means that only those who work hard to create their website are acknowledged by Google.

At this time, many webmasters don’t use black hat anymore although a few may still have but what is the use? Nobody creates a website just to get punished by Google. In other word it means that you also have to be a good boy and girl and work your way to the top.

Grey Hat SEO

This is the most used SEO techniques in the whole internet world, well at least for webmasters and bloggers. Grey hat are also aggressive but in ethical ways compared to black hat that use force to knock down their competitors. Black hat also mostly related to hacking.

Grey hat are also a bad boy but for good intention. It is hard to explain but it’s like Robin Hood on the internet, on steroids. People who use grey hat techniques will break the law but not for their own personal gain. What even better is, people who use grey hat techniques are considered not breaking any rules and will get away with it.

Webmasters who used the grey hat techniques will also get fast results for their website but not as fast as using the black hat techniques. Grey hat users will see their results in a month or a few months later compared to black hat users that will see results in weeks.

White Hat SEO

Need I to say more about white hat techniques? I’m guessing that you already know about what white hat techniques are. It is the most religious and polite kind of way to create backlinks. It follows all the rules on the internet and it doesn’t even tend to break any of the rules.

To use white hat techniques in creating backlinks and to get good rank can take a lot of time. Some website even takes up to six months to get to first page of Google and some even take years. Don’t let this discourage you. The long term effect is what we want. Your website will be at first page of Google for a very long time like..forever. That is unless you frequently update your content and follow the update of Google algorithms.

Commenting on Facebook DOES NOT create backlinks, it works only on websites

Now you already know what are the techniques involve in creating backlinks, we will move on to identify the types and terms of backlinks. Being a webmaster or a blogger, there are so many internet terms that you should know and what does it mean. I will try my best to make it easier to understand so that you don’t have to worry about the little details.

The “backlinks” term

Incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links are all backlinks. You don’t have to worry about what they really mean. All you need to worry about is how to create them. These terms are used to identify specifically on what kind of backlinks you have outside your website. All those terms are just backlinks that point back to your website and getting your website’s SERP on steroids.

There are three types of backlinks that people usually used to create to point back to their website. One is using the whole website url ex. . The other one is using anchor text or images which look like this. The last one is using your avatar as backlinks when you comment on other blogs or when you join a forum. The process of creating backlinks are called link building.
    “Anchor Text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. In modern browsers, it is often blue and underlined.” – MOZ

Let’s make this a lot easier to understand. All you need to know is external links and internal link, also known as deep linking. External links are already explained above. It all about the links outside your website whether you create them automatically or manually or created by other people. 

Internal link or deep linking is links inside your website specifically on you posts. When you create a new post, you can add a few links that direct readers to older post by using anchor text or the title itself. Creating deep links are also good for SEO because those links will also be crawled by search engines. Another good thing is users will have no trouble browsing your older content. All they have to do is click on those links.

How To Create Backlinks?

There are two ways that you can create backlinks. The first one is to create them manually. Creating backlinks manually means you have to look for other websites, forums, social medias, bookmarking sites and article submission site and put your links there. Your links can be your website url or using anchor links which I prefer better.

To create automatic backlinks, you have to use online features that are available which can be free or paid. Most people use the free service and I know you will also but there are bigger advantages if you use the paid service. You can choose which service suits you. For beginner, I suggest you use the free service because I know you don’t have a lot to spend and you want to save as much as you can.

Create Backlinks Manually

Blog commenting

Comment on other blogs with high PR (minimum 4) with the same niche as you are. If you are in cooking niche, why would you comment on car repair niche? You get the idea there right? Most of all, those links that you create at different niche will have a negative effect to your blog.

How do you leave your link there? You will find out when you write your comment. Most websites allow readers to leave comments and also their email and website. Now for the tricky part when commenting, DO NOT use your homepage url when leaving comment. Instead, put your post url. There is nothing wrong to put your website url but isn’t it better using backlink directly to your post? As I said before, it is easy for other readers to click your link and directed to your post.

Submit your article

You can submit your article to any article directories. There are a lot of article directories on the internet. You can choose to send to them all if you want. The more, the merrier it will be. This is not as easy as you think. The best article directories will review your article first before it is posted live. They have to make sure that your article is unique, free of grammatical mistake and never been posted before in any other website.

With my bad English command, I also have trouble submitting my articles there. I have to edit and read it a few times before being approved. Below is the list of article directories that are mostly used by bloggers. Before sending to other article directories, pass these three first. Good luck for that.
Don’t get me wrong. Your job is not finish here. When you pass these top three article directories, you also have to send it to other article directories. You can find them using Google. It seems that this part involves a lot of work but don’t worry, there are tools to help you do that but it is not free. Use one tool is enough.

Join forums

Joining any forums will not help you. You have to stick to your niche. Go to Google and type your niche + forum. Don’t just register, be active. Give comments and ask questions. I am sure there will be someone who will answer you.

How will you get backlinks by joining forums? It is almost the same as blog commenting. But using blog commenting it is hard to find blogs who allow links on their comment. Some blog owners think that is spamming. It is a different story with forums. They allow you to put links or even url. There is one forum that I join even let their members post about their blog there.

Use social media

Social medias are the most highly active communication hub today. People tend to be lazy and they won’t do anything. All they need is a laptop or smartphones and chit chat all day using Facebook, Google+, Myspace and so much more..much..much more. Get that fingers busy and create an account at any social media network that you like and promote you blog. Post a few of your blog content there and don’t forget those backlinks.

Guest post

For people who are still new to internet marketing or the blogging world, do not think that guest post is an easy thing to do. Many website owners go blog hunting trying to find anyone who wants to add them as a guest poster. What they do not know is not all website owners accept guest posting on their blog for some reason. The common reasons are they don’t even read your email, they don’t trust you and you don’t have the credibility to post on their blog.

Personally, I hate this option for creating backlinks. The blogs that you are going to hunt must be high in PR and already long enough on the internet. That is why those people have to scan their guest bloggers. But on the other hand, it is not impossible. Keep on contacting these sites and show them your blog. Not all website owners will ignore you.

One advice that I want to tell you is don’t ignore your readers and people that contact you via email. If you think the person is not suitable as your guest poster, tell them. Don’t ignore and keep quiet about it. You will lose readers and credibility on your blog if you do that. Remember that you were once like them. Help those people if they really need your help.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is keeping your website address and categorized them in categories for future retrieval. Easy to say, it is like in a library where books are kept in a manner for easy finding by library users. However, for SEO purpose, social bookmarking does not help like it used to be. For the purpose of link building, you can give it a try.

It is the same concept as your browser’s bookmarking process. When you like a certain website or post that entertain you, you will bookmark it. You will no longer have to browse them using your browser. Who knows that those website will lose their rank in the near future.

Even though submitting your website to social bookmark page does not increase your website’s SERP, it is still a good way to give your link away. Register to a few websites below and continue to submit your website. Do not use automation in any of them. It is better to do it yourself.

Use authority sites

What are authority sites? They are websites with high PR, trusted and full of information. To get them to link to you is super hard. If you write some crap, misleading and non-useful content, you will not get your backlink from them. In real life, you can imagine authority sites are like the local council, police, government, giant companies and so on. You’ll get the idea.

These sites allow you to write for them but like I said before, what you write must be unique and informative. This is because these authority sites have to maintain their reputation as one of the high ranking website on the internet. They don’t want their readers to get scammed or misled. Don’t even try to write any controversies if you don’t have solid proof for what you write.

Luckily, there are some authority sites that you can easily put your backlinks there. But you still have to watch out for your content. Even if your content is live, it will be removed if you don’t follow their protocol. Here is a few that you can register to:

 Link baiting

Doing link baiting is easy but to get them to work is sometimes unexpected. To link bait, you create a post linking to another blog without being asked to do it. It is totally on your own free will. It doesn’t matter if you create a link text or their website url as long as links to the other website.

The trick behind the linking part is to get the attention of the other websites that you link to so that they realize that you exist. If you are lucky, they will link back to you. How good does that sound to you? Having a free backlink from high authority sites are very rare indeed so you must do it carefully with a lot of planning first.

Like always, make sure that your website is reliable to readers and has enough articles to browse for and don’t forget you must be at the same niche. Well, the concept is also the same with blog commenting. Go for the first few people who linked to that particular article, the best is the top ten people.

RSS Submission

This is the only automation in creating backlinks that is allowed today. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. I guess that most people know about what is RSS feed and I think I’ll pass the explanation part moreover we are talking about creating backlinks here. So we stick on how to create backlinks for your website.

Submitting your website’s RSS feed is the easiest part in back linking. All you have to do is take your RSS url, paste and click submit using Feedage which is free to use. You also can do it manually by sending your RSS feed to any RSS directories site. The list below is a few examples. There are a lot more RSS directory sites available online.

Create Backlinks Automatically

Unfortunately, I will not share on how to create your backlinks automatically. It is because any automation or anything involving bots will be penalized by Google. Your website will not rank well because of this. If you are aware which I know you would, that Google create new algorithm in their searches. Any low quality links will be penalized.

So, don’t waste your time learning about how to automate your backlinks in other websites. For my personal opinion, Google want us to be honest in creating a website or blog. By doing this, Google creates an opportunity for all internet marketers and the lazy will be left behind. Only the determine will stay. 


For conclusion about backlinks, there is no other way than to create them manually. If it is too tiring for you, outsource. Pay someone to do it for you.  No one really knows exactly how Google algorithms really work except for the Google boys themselves. It is good to play safe for long term effects.

Google change their algorithm every five years. When they do that, it's like they're 'cleaning' their search results. To be safe from those algorithms, go for white hat. It is slow indeed but it is the best technique if you want a long term business with your blog. But most important, write for people, not for Google.


Thursday, 30 January 2014

2014 Resolutions For Bloggers

It is almost the end of January. Have you thought about your resolution for 2014? Even a blogger also have a resolution or few resolutions. Remember that blogging is a business. You must have a goal for your blog. Do it slowly but it is a must. Don’t waste time blogging if you are not in to it.

If you like blogging, I guess you already have a resolution for this year. Resolutions are different for each blogger. It is according to their achievements. If you failed to achieve your last year resolution, you can also do it this year. No one is forcing you to do something because that is your own duty.

For my resolution this year, I want to draw more traffic to my blog including this blogger blog. I love this blog even though it is not perfect. It is a place where I can write my personal emotions about blogging and my blog development. If you need help to find your resolution, you can read take note below:

Start a new blog

Register to another mailing list service

Changing the entire template

Sell old blog

Changing SEO style

Give more comments on other blogs/make friends

Driving more traffic

Get more sales

Increase more profit

Finding sponsors

Register new affiliate programs

Learning new techniques in web development

Learn some HTML

Create a landing page

Work more on social network

Get your article published in article directory

Increase blog security

These are only examples. You can choose one if you are interested. If you already have your own resolution, get it going now. Make sure that you can finish it before the year ends. Start your engine immediately.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Step By Step Guide To Build Your Blog The Cheapest Way

When starting a blog, many people don’t seem to understand the costs and what do they need to pay to get their blog running. People that have the money, they like to spend in anything that they could think of to make their blog at its best. People that don’t have the money cannot do this. They have to think carefully on what they should invest in.

I don’t encourage you buy everything to build your blog. You still can save money and still have your blog running. Don’t build a blog if you wake up today and thinking about blogging. Do a lot of research before you can start one. If you jump in the water with both feet, you will regret it later.

Before starting my blog including this free blogspot blog, I also do some research but it takes me too long to do so. It takes me about five years before I started to blog seriously. During those five years, I have many blogs but none still exist now. It was an experiment even though I regret shutting a few of them down.

You don’t have to get that far to start a blog. A few months are just enough. I had to ‘think’ for five years because of the costs. I was so scared that I will lose money if I invest on the wrong thing. I guest everyone who don’t have a fat paycheck also thinks like me but you are lucky that I share it here so you don’t have to wait a few years to start a blog.

Okay, on this post I want to share with you on how to build a blog the cheapest and effective way. If you are really a newbie and you don’t know anything about blogging, you can read my ideas below. Here is my step by step in starting a blog the cheapest way:

Step 1: Learn simple HTML

Blogging is like building a website from scratch. Even though you buy the template but you still have to learn a few HTML basics. You don’t have to be a pro but you have to know a few things. See this post as example. 

How learning HTML is going to save you money.

It does save you a lot of money. If you don’t know a thing or two about HTML, you will have to ask someone else to do it for you. Website designers are not cheap. You can check it out at I don’t know about you but I hate to waste money on something small like this. 

But there are also other choices. If you have any friends or family member that knows about HTML, you can ask them to help you. This also can save your burning pocket.

Step 2: Buy blogging books

Go to a book store near you or you can click the below image to buy from Amazon the books about blogging. I love reading and I also hope you love it too. Blogging is not about just writing, it’s about reading too. If you hate to read, you can’t blog. You have no point to start a blog.

How buying blogging books help you save money

When you ask successful blogger, they will advise you to have a mentor. A mentor can be someone you know or someone you pay to train you. This kind of people is not cheap. They charge you according to how many hours they train you. However, the results are the best. 

Like step no. 1, there is exception if you have friends and family member that can help you. One by one training creates the best result. Don’t feel so down if you can’t have a mentor. It’s not up to them that make you successful. It all depends on your own hard work. 

Step 3: Learn or buy a book about internet marketing

Internet marketing is the most important element in blogging. Even if you don’t plan to make money out of your blog, you will still have to market your blog. No one starts a blog with zero readers. This is why I love blogging. Blogging is a way for me to communicate with other people about the topic I love. 

Step 4: Do research for the topic that you want to blog

When I read other blogging gurus’ article about doing a research about the blog topic, it’s quite hard for me to understand why I have to do that. At first I thought blogging is about writing on a topic about what I like and that’s it. Then I realize that I need to have readers for my blog. That is why research is important.

By doing research for your blog topic, it is including topic searches and keywords. If you manage to keep up with both, you are in the right track. If there are nobody is searching for your topic, what’s the point to write about it? 

How doing topic research is going to save you money

It doesn’t save you money but it saves you a lot of time and energy. Don’t waste your time and energy to build a business that no one wants to know about or no interest in. 

Step 5: Learn about search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords

This part you can learn from the internet. I also have this topic in this blog. You can read about SEO here and keywords here. You will learn the basics but the important part is when your blog is already running. You will see how visitors come to your blog using search engines by looking at your blog analytics. 

How learning SEO and keywords are going to save you money

When your blog is up and running, you will see the visitors’ flow by looking at your Google Analytics. This can be a frustration for some people because it can take a lot of time to see your search result at the search engine. Some people will start to hire SEO experts to optimize their blog and you can guess it, it’s not cheap.

Step 6: Choosing a template

This is a tricky part for some people and also for me. My eyes are sparkling when I go shopping for my template. There are a lot of choices and also different price selection. Most of the place I check ask you to become its member and you have to pay monthly to use their template. 

It is okay if you are a professional in blogging but for newbie like us, I don’t recommend you to pay monthly for a template because you don’t know when you are going to need some extra cash. 

For newbie, I recommend you to buy your template from Themeforest. They sell their template ala’ carte style. You only pay for the template you buy only once and the template is yours forever. 

How is choosing the right template going to save you money

Need I to explain? I guess you already know by reading the paragraph above. Template also can be customized by website designers. If you don’t know yet, customized also means custom money. 

Step 7: Register you domain name and hosting account

I guess you can’t save a lot of money here. The price is almost the same. However, I give you these choices of well-known web hosting and domain company that you can register to. 

Webhosting: – write down ‘albertheywood9433’ at the coupon code to get 25% discount. Discount is usually 20%. This discount doesn’t apply to domain name registration.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

I Almost Turn Green

Yep, I almost turn green and become the Incredible Hulk today. For these few days, I only made a little progress on my new blog. The most frustrating is the theme. The theme owner/vendor doesn't seem to care about the problem I had with his theme. Its not like it is a big problem. Only the social icon won't load when using Firefox.

The social icons are not loading in Firefox

This really looks ugly for the blog. Today is the last day for the support team to help me with this problem. If it is not settles, I will get a refund and pick other theme.

Because of this theme alone, I screw up my files in the Hostgator cpanel settings. I have to contact Hostgator support to reset all the settings to default. Luckily, the Hostgator support team was really a helping hand to such problem. They are quick to answer my emails.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Done My Latest Blog

In these few days it is really tiring. I build my new blog from scratch. Its been a long time since I didn't touch Wordpress. It feels quite different and confusing. Even the menu have change a bit. Doing these things back is like learning the same thing all over again.

My hosting is Hostgator, which is my favorite hosting company. I tried to buy my domain name with Namecheap but they could not process my credit card. What even worse, they blocked my account for 24 hours. Its look like that they don't want my money LOL. That's ok, I give my money to Godaddy (type wow9433 for 35% discount. Applies for new purchase only).

It was going all well until I installed a theme from Themeforest called Bliss. I love that theme so much but it cause me headaches. Everything was fine except for the social icon and the menus. They never appear. The social icons won't appear in Firefox but it was ok with chrome. The menu was bad news. It never appear at all. Now I have to use the free Wordpress default theme. I hope I can settle this problem as soon as posible.


My blog is called It is my personal blog and my passion. The blog is about casual fashion and lifestyle for Asian men. I already told you in my article that I am not an internet guru. This blog is my personal note. If you like what I write here, you can follow what I write.

The blog is still new. There is nothing to read there yet because I'm struggling with the technical issues which cost me a lot of my time for writing. I will update my latest blog post with the note that I've taken during tackling the technical issues.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Best Free or Cheap Wordpress Theme

One of the obstacle that a beginner in blogging have in common is choosing the right theme for their website. This alone can be frustrating like it sounds. Of course there are tons of wordpress themes to choose from in the internet but it ain't cheap.

If you want to find free themes, search for it on Google for free themes that most of the people use. There are a lot of themes to try out until your nose bleed. What I want to share here is about two websites where you can download free or cheap wordpress themes.

Veteran bloggers know where they can find themes they like and can be custom made according to what they prefer. But for beginners, you will not want to spend too much money for just buying a theme. It is better for beginners to minimize costs to avoid any bigger lost in the future.

1. WooThemes

I think this is the most popular website that sells wordpress themes on the internet. They also have free themes for download. The biggest advantage with Woothemes is their template are mostly have ecommerce plugins. If you have ecommerce blog in mind, this is the place for you to visit.

The paid themes will make you drool. It is so beautiful that you want to have them all. But, like I said before, it is not cheap. Most great themes to use costs $99 per theme. If you are interested, you can register for free at their website. Themes are sold through their free membership.

2. ThemeForest

The second website I want to share here is Themeforest. This is the cheapest place to buy a wordpress theme. The lowest is $3 and their best collections starts from $30. With this price, I think it is the most affordable theme that you can get.

Unlike Woothemes, Themeforest doesn't have free themes to download. That means any theme that you like will be paid. This is my personal choice when I started blogging. It is affordable and you don't have to pay for any membership. The themes are sold ala-carte style.

Last Words
Usually, any best themes whether free or paid, you have to register for their website in order to buy their themes. There are many other websites with better themes than Woothemes and Themeforest but their price is also better. A few website even charge you for being a member.

An average membership charge will be $47. This is not including the price for your template. However, they do not charge for nothing. It's for updating the template and a few service for upgrading.

You don't need an expensive template to start. See how much budget you have. I will not stop you from buying expensive template. It's your choice anyway.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

No Tech Skills? NO Problem!

Around the world, at this hour, so many people want to make money online. This is because there is proof of people are living in cloud 9 because of internet business. It is true though. We really can make a living through a dot com lifestyle.

But not everything is good or as easy as it sounds. Most internet entrepreneurs will come to a small obstacle called technical skills. If you have zero experience in tech skills, it will be very hard to start. Don't ever believe if someone try to sell you something and tells you that you don't need any tech skills.

Of course, in some cases, you really don't need it. That is because the person who is teaching you to make money will teach you about tech skills. So you see, you will need the skills to improve and to gain knowledge.

If you are a true beginner or a newbie, there is nothing to worry about. You will learn tech skills whether you pay for it or ask your friends to teach you.

What I want to share with you today is a few website that can help you with tech skills. However, this will come with a warning. Don't depend too much on paid skills. You should learn how to do things by yourself. But, if you are a busy person, below is the website you should look at.

This is a website for you to find information that you need in cheaper price. Most tech ebook on Clickbank will sell a lot higher than master-resell-rights.

In short, Master-Resell-Rights is like Clickbank but way more cheaper. They also sell ebooks. I love ebooks. It is the fastest way to find a book that you need. The website also contains a lot of topics and various ebook collections.

The good thing about Master-Resell-Rights is that you have the resell rights with any purchase that you make. Some ebook's resell rights allowed you to modify the content of the ebook and make the ebook looks like yours. That mean you will have all the rights to do what you want with the ebook.

The bad thing about Master-Resell-Rights is you don't have the money-back-guarantee like Clickbank. If you don't like the ebook that you buy, you can't do anything about it. Some of the ebooks are also low quality. This is the risk that you have to take when you buy from Master-Resell-Rights.

Elance.Com / Freelancer.Com
Most of internet entrepreneurs who have the skills use this website to earn money online. For those who don't have the skills, this is the place to hire somebody with the skills you require.

The only thing that you have to look out for is the price. Skilled 'workers' will demand higher fees for their service. But for some people, they don't mind paying for a good service. Read the previous comments and ratings about the person who you want to hire before hiring them.

Fiverr also sells specific skill. The only difference is that Fiverr fixed its price to $5.00 per gigs. They called it gigs and I personally hate that term they used. It's not a rock band duh..

At Fiverr you can find almost any skills you require, from the complicated to the silliest and all for just 5 bucks. If you require any jobs to be done faster or any additional jobs, you will have to pay more. You can view the additional payment when you view a person's profile.

Final Words
Tech skills are important to internet entrepreneurs even though you don't have to learn complicated codes like a website developers.

If you are willing to learn slowly, that is the best way to do it. But sometimes learning is not the issue. Some people need their work to be done asap. In some issue, there is too much work to be done. Next time, if you feel you need some help or learn something, don't forget to check out the websites above.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Blog vs Website

If someone asks you, what is the difference between a blog and a website, would you be able to answer it? If you can answer, that's good but what if you can't? I'm not surprised that there are still some people who don't know the difference.

Yes, both are websites and owned by an individual, a group or an organization. Blogs are usually owned by an individual. The best examples are Blogger blogs. Meanwhile a website is usually owned by an organization. An easy example is ecommerce website such as Ebay.

Blog is an online journal in a website. I think that is the best explanation that i could tell. If you view someone's blog at Blogger, you can tell that a blog contain "stories" like a diary or news, politics and lifestyles.

A website however doesn't contain any "stories" or articles. It usually shows about an organization, what they do, contacts, pictures, activities, reports etc.

Let see the easiest example available that everyone regularly used. The one and only Youtube. Youtube is a website but it has its own blog.

As you can see above, this is the Youtube website. It contain a lot of videos from all around the world and it acts as a place to share or to save videos.

And this is Youtube's blog and it also contains press release to inform about what is going on in the website and any other current news or updates.

Last Words
I hope now everybody will understand what is the difference between a blog and a website. I also want to remove the confusion that everyone have about blogs and websites.

Blogs are getting popular today because almost everyone wants to own a blog whether it's free or paid. These individuals wants their opinion to be known for other especially friends and families. Blogs are also used for them to make money online. If you have a talent to do that, you can expect to have some additional income just by writing articles.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Organic Traffic - How To Send Your Website To Search Engines

Organic traffic are the traffics that comes from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These traffic comes to a website because the search engines shows your website content on the search result. That is why blogs are more SEO friendly than a regular websites. It is because blogs have articles and with keyword density, it's heaven for blogs.

Everytime an internet user key in a keyword on the search bar and hit enter, the search result usually shows what is related to the keyword. Those keywords are within a website. If it is related to your website or blog, it will show your website name and the keywords used.

Don't Forget To Send Your Website
When building your first website, organic traffic will come across to your mind because it is the most easy part of finding free traffic. To do that, keyword research is done to make your website SEO friendly. After that, add a few articles that contains the keywords that you have found.

Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, it is easy indeed. But what I want to point here is, some people totally forgot that they need to send their website to the search engines.

Free platform such as Blogger is belong to Google and you don't have to send it again but you can send your website site map through Google Webmaster Tool.

I have been blogging for six months and I love to view the analytics whether it is on Blogger itself or the third party like Google Analytics. Viewing the incoming traffic can give you some idea on how to improve organic traffic. Lately, I'm wondering that no traffic came from other search engines besides Google.

Then I realize, OMG I totally forgot to send my website to other search engines! What a silly mistake that I made. If you haven't do that, send your website now. Here is how to send your website to Yahoo and Bing:

    1.  Go to Bing Webmaster Tool and sign in using your Live or Hotmail account
    2.  Click on "Add Your Website" button
    3.  On the "Add your sitemap" bar, add the following:

    4.  Change to your own website name
    5.  You will be asked to verify your website. There are 3 options, choose option no2.
    6.  Go to your website HTML editor and look for <head> tag and paste the HTML just under the
         <head> tag.
    7.  Go back to Bing Webmaster Tool and click "Verify"

Ping Your Website With Yahoo and Bing
Copy and paste the below code to your browser:

1-500 Posts

501-1000 Posts

1001-1500 Posts

Don't forget to change to your own website. After copy and paste, you will see a message "Thank you for submitting your sitemap". Ping your website just after you submit your website to Bing Webmaster Tool.