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Friday, 19 April 2013

5 Website Design That Should Be Avoided

Creating and building website is a passion for some people. Bloggers especially the newbies often get carried away in building their content. Their greed can overcome their passion in writing so they will make huge mistakes in creating their website. 

When internet mentor, guru or whatever they call it tells you 'content is king', they are damn right. Forget about blogging for money at first. Create a good website where content is the main thing that you should focused on. 

Of course for internet marketers, their goals is to sell something to their visitors. Even internet marketers also have to eat and live. I am not stopping anyone from selling their products or services online but visitors like you and me want to see the real content of the website, not just banners and ads.

Before you try to do something silly on your website, lets take a look at 5 website designs that you should avoid. You will lose a lot of visitors if you don't realize your mistakes. What do you do if you visit a website  is full of crap? Remember this question when decorating your own website.

Mistake #1 - Too Many Banners and Ads
Everyone got it that you want to sell your products or have some income from the internet but with too much banners and ads will take you nowhere. Even when people are interested with the product, they will buy it somewhere else. Your web design will drive people away because your website is giving the idea to visitors that it is full of scams.

This is an example of a website that is full of banners and ads. You may not understand what it is written there because it is written in Malay from Malaysia. You can check out the website for yourself at

Mistake #2 - Provide Little Information on Article(s)
Have you ever come across a website that provides you little information but tries to sell you something? I bet you want to shoot your monitor with a rifle. Especially if you just want some information about a certain topic. 

In the early days of the internet, that is how you market your product. If the visitor wants more information, they have to pay for it and buy the product. In these days, information is given free and you only buy the product if you want to. For example, the ebook or software.

Most of these websites don't exist anymore so, you better not make one. Try not to confuse visitors by putting product links everywhere on your website. Be honest and gain trust from visitors. This is an exception if you are building a website and send it to clickbank. 

Mistake #3 - Provides Link To Nowhere or To Different Page
I have seen this in a few websites. It is not many but I add it here for a reminder. I am a big fan of anime and I always check on certain websites for new updates. There is one particular website that I enjoyed much because they have anime manga that I can read weekly. You can check it at

If you read one of the manga, you will notice a few links with thumbnails with very unique titles below the manga. It looks interesting enough for me to click it and hoping to read something interesting. Unfortunately, these links will bring you to other page and then another and another. What even worse is, it does not cover the title. Some does brings you to the right title but it is just another crap.

For me, this is such a waste. They can provide you with interesting title but came out with crap. If they can come out with something interesting, they sure can market good products.

Mistake #4 - "Invincible" Fonts
I'm sure everyone are aware of this issue. Don't use font color that are not contrast with your website background. The fonts will make it hard to read or unreadable at all. How can you expect visitors to come if they can't read anything on your website?

The same goes for font style. Some fonts are hard to read and the alphabet is just hard to recognize. If its too hard to choose the font color or style, use white background. It is as simple as that and it doesn't hurt the reader's eyes. More like this website, check it on

Mistake #5 - Never Ending Scrolling
In some websites, the above for example, will make you scroll a long list of articles or stories in one web page. Time is money my friend. Not all people have the time to scroll down everything on your website. Add a few tabs will not hurt.

If you have a long article, I mean just one article, it doesn't matter that much. If the article is great, people will keep on reading. But if you have like forty articles and you put it on a single web page, you are standing on  a cliff with never ending bottom. Keep your website clean and simple for easy reading and navigating.

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  1. Great post! Thank you for telling us about these commonly used mistakes in website design.

  2. i am a new web designer before today i really did not know about these mistakes but from now i will care when i will design any thing . website design . thank you for this great information. keep it up God bless you. .

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