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Monday, 22 September 2014

Seminar Review: Two Hours With Derek Gehl

Last week on Thursday 9/18 I have been attending a free seminar by Derek Gehl and yes you heard me right, it is FREE. I was wondering why someone like Derek Gehl would give a free seminar. What is the catch? I’m not new in internet marketing so I have some idea on what is the seminar is all about. So I thought to myself, I would not lose anything because it’s free and I have the chance to meet Derek Gehl in the flesh.

I book the ticket at the very last minute and it is still available. It was easy because all you have to do is book the ticket online or by using SMS. This was the easiest job. The hard part was driving there and waiting for the long cue to end.

As soon as I enter the hall at Pullman Hotel, the event starts. I was glad that I didn’t miss anything at the first few minutes. By the way, this seminar is organized by Maybank. The event attracts about 200 crowds and many of them are working adults. Also attending the event are a few youths.

Derek started his seminar by explaining what online business is and how to create an online business or literally on how to create a website. He explains all the basic stuff but not in detail because the seminar is only for two hours.

Honestly, I was bored to death and nearly abandoned my seat. All the stuff that he explained was just basic. But to my surprised when Derek ask the audience about who never build a website before, I think about 99% of the audience raise their hands. This makes me think OMG, am I in the wrong place?

I forced myself staying there because I was waiting for the ‘catch’ of the event. Finally, at the end of the seminar, he told the audience about how he can help new internet entrepreneurs on starting their internet business. This is what I’m waiting for, the real ‘meat’. I wish I could upload a few photos but taking any photos and videos is prohibited.
Derek Gehl Seminar Ticket

He was talking about his website The Entrepreneur Lab. This is a membership website and members can start by subscribing to a whole year package valued at RM6997 or USD2157. Back to the OMG thinking again because I don’t have the money that much.

This kind of membership is very important for people who don’t have any mentors to start an online business and this is a good place to start. I am used to buying ebooks and books about online business but it really doesn’t help much. The technology is changing every day and you need the latest method to keep your business running.

Here is some stuff you get when you register:
  • A-Z step-by-step training
  • No product idea needed
  • No advanced technical skills
  • Easy to follow video tutorials
  • Work at your own pace
  • Access training 24/7
  • New training added regularly
  • All skill levels, all ages
  • Learn the skills to make money for the rest of your life working where and when you want

For those who never tried building a business online, you should know that it is not easy. You at least need to know how to build a website. The steps involved are very hard for some people. That is why people like Derek create this type of business. But again, it’s not cheap.

At this moment, when I check back at the website, it said that they currently not accepting any members. I guessed that maybe because of Derek’s trip to Asia and they are trying to avoid membership overload.

In my opinion about this membership site, they should reduce the price for the first year. They said that they can guarantee that sales can be made from the website build and if this is true, reduce the price. For example, the first year they can charge about USD100 per month or USD1200. The next year if the member wants to renew their membership, they can charge more. It is as simple as that.

For this reason, I have to let go so many good website that offered me membership. It is not because they are not good but because of the ‘guarantee’ to make money. Imagine that you pay for something that you can’t lose and yet you cannot earn anything.


To be successful online, you must get any help that you can find. Working alone is very-very hard especially when there is no one that can give you support. The best thing to do is find a mentor who can help you with the little details. If money is not a problem, get some training.

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