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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Blog Failed But..

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you should already know that I have started a blog a year ago. If you haven’t read about it, you can check it out here. Actually I already know the consequences in starting a blog like that but I go ahead and try.

My blog is about men’s lifestyle specifically on Asian fashion and lifestyle. I don’t really regret starting this blog because I learnt a lot from my failure. Learning from hands on experience is the best teacher.

Everything that I did on this blog is a total mess. Nothing about it is special. That is the main reason why it failed miserably but the blog did earn a few pennies from adsense though.

Starting from the domain name (, it has hypens which is a terrible choice for me. I ask around and some people said it has value (only the domain) so I list it on Flippa. I cancelled my hosting with Hostgator and dump the whole website.

The keyword analysis is poor. I hardly do any in-depth keyword research for the website. I created the content from my own experience. My intention was to share my opinion to my friends but I still have low traffic every month. In short, I hate the website and I don’t want to do anything with it anymore.

The only thing that I regret was wasting my time posting contents and backlinks. It takes time to build those. My Hostgator account was setup for a year but I only update my blog for 7 or 8 months then I leave it alone plus I don’t have time to manage the website.

Even though the blog failed but I don’t feel like a failing person. I accept my defeat and I learn my lessons well. Blogging is a business and you as a blogger are an entrepreneur. You must treat your blog as a business and a business is not that easy to manage.

Now, I’m free again after my final exam. Getting back to work and also back to my internet business plan. This time I will take it more seriously and do more research before starting a new blog.

Actually I already started a niche website but there is a problem with the hosting. For this new website, I use 1and1 hosting and domain name. I know that it is a bad idea to use 1 company for both hosting and domain but I already change my hosting to Hostgator.

I will update my website when I’m done with the hosting issue. I think it will take up to 48 hours in waiting time for Hostgator verification process. One more thing, the domain is not listed in Flippa anymore but I still want to sell if anyone is interested.

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