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Monday, 22 September 2014

Seminar Review: Two Hours With Derek Gehl

Last week on Thursday 9/18 I have been attending a free seminar by Derek Gehl and yes you heard me right, it is FREE. I was wondering why someone like Derek Gehl would give a free seminar. What is the catch? I’m not new in internet marketing so I have some idea on what is the seminar is all about. So I thought to myself, I would not lose anything because it’s free and I have the chance to meet Derek Gehl in the flesh.

I book the ticket at the very last minute and it is still available. It was easy because all you have to do is book the ticket online or by using SMS. This was the easiest job. The hard part was driving there and waiting for the long cue to end.

As soon as I enter the hall at Pullman Hotel, the event starts. I was glad that I didn’t miss anything at the first few minutes. By the way, this seminar is organized by Maybank. The event attracts about 200 crowds and many of them are working adults. Also attending the event are a few youths.

Derek started his seminar by explaining what online business is and how to create an online business or literally on how to create a website. He explains all the basic stuff but not in detail because the seminar is only for two hours.

Honestly, I was bored to death and nearly abandoned my seat. All the stuff that he explained was just basic. But to my surprised when Derek ask the audience about who never build a website before, I think about 99% of the audience raise their hands. This makes me think OMG, am I in the wrong place?

I forced myself staying there because I was waiting for the ‘catch’ of the event. Finally, at the end of the seminar, he told the audience about how he can help new internet entrepreneurs on starting their internet business. This is what I’m waiting for, the real ‘meat’. I wish I could upload a few photos but taking any photos and videos is prohibited.
Derek Gehl Seminar Ticket

He was talking about his website The Entrepreneur Lab. This is a membership website and members can start by subscribing to a whole year package valued at RM6997 or USD2157. Back to the OMG thinking again because I don’t have the money that much.

This kind of membership is very important for people who don’t have any mentors to start an online business and this is a good place to start. I am used to buying ebooks and books about online business but it really doesn’t help much. The technology is changing every day and you need the latest method to keep your business running.

Here is some stuff you get when you register:
  • A-Z step-by-step training
  • No product idea needed
  • No advanced technical skills
  • Easy to follow video tutorials
  • Work at your own pace
  • Access training 24/7
  • New training added regularly
  • All skill levels, all ages
  • Learn the skills to make money for the rest of your life working where and when you want

For those who never tried building a business online, you should know that it is not easy. You at least need to know how to build a website. The steps involved are very hard for some people. That is why people like Derek create this type of business. But again, it’s not cheap.

At this moment, when I check back at the website, it said that they currently not accepting any members. I guessed that maybe because of Derek’s trip to Asia and they are trying to avoid membership overload.

In my opinion about this membership site, they should reduce the price for the first year. They said that they can guarantee that sales can be made from the website build and if this is true, reduce the price. For example, the first year they can charge about USD100 per month or USD1200. The next year if the member wants to renew their membership, they can charge more. It is as simple as that.

For this reason, I have to let go so many good website that offered me membership. It is not because they are not good but because of the ‘guarantee’ to make money. Imagine that you pay for something that you can’t lose and yet you cannot earn anything.


To be successful online, you must get any help that you can find. Working alone is very-very hard especially when there is no one that can give you support. The best thing to do is find a mentor who can help you with the little details. If money is not a problem, get some training.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Get Free Facebook Likes, Free Twitter Followers and So Much More

Are you setting up a new Facebook Fan Page, a new Twitter account or even a new Pinterest board? I know it is hard to get likes or even followers. Some people even buy their followers but what is the use when you can get it for free and the good news is they are real followers. What I don’t like about buying followers is sometimes they are not real. Sellers sometimes use bots to like your Facebook page.

I came across with a website that offers so many things for a new account that you have just set up at Here is what you get when you register to AddMeFast:


  • Facebook likes
  • Facebook share
  • Facebook followers
  • Facebook post likes
  • Facebook post shares


  • Instagram followers
  • Instagram Likes


  • Twitter followers
  • Twitter tweets
  • Twitter retweets
  • Twitter favorites


  • Youtube subscribes
  • Youtube likes
  • Youtube favorites
  • Youtube views


  • Google circles
  • Google share

  • Ask. Fm likes


  • Vine likes
  • Vine followers
  • Vine revines


  • Vkontakte pages
  • Vkontakte groups


  • Myspace friends


  • Pinterest followers
  • Pinterest repins
  • Pinterest likes


  • Reverbnation fans


  • Soundcloud follow
  • Soundcloud play


  • Stumbleupon follow


  • Website hits (traffic)

How it work

1. Go to to register. The registration form is not long and easy to fill.

2. They will send you a confirmation email and click from your email to sign in.

3. On first sign up, you will be given 50 free points

4. Now go to the green button on the left and click Add site/page

5. Register any account you want and any service that you need. Tips: Don’t register any service that you don’t need because you will lose points there when someone click on it. Think of it like adsense CPC.

6. Set up the Cost Per Click (CPC). Minimum is two and maximum is ten. I use two at first because I really need likes for my Facebook Fan Page.

7. If you need free points, click on the buttons under the Free Points. You will like other people’s page, share or follow to get free points. This will give you a win-win situation. You get followers and other people also get their followers.

8. You also can buy points. Click on the ‘Need unlimited points on addmefast’ banner and you can choose three different packages that charge you on weekly basis.

AddMeFast aslo have affiliate program but they don’t give you money (correct me if I’m wrong). You will receive 300 points if you refer others.


That’s it! You are done. Now you can have express free Facebook likes, followers or anything you like all for free and real people. Enjoy!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

2014 Resolutions For Bloggers

It is almost the end of January. Have you thought about your resolution for 2014? Even a blogger also have a resolution or few resolutions. Remember that blogging is a business. You must have a goal for your blog. Do it slowly but it is a must. Don’t waste time blogging if you are not in to it.

If you like blogging, I guess you already have a resolution for this year. Resolutions are different for each blogger. It is according to their achievements. If you failed to achieve your last year resolution, you can also do it this year. No one is forcing you to do something because that is your own duty.

For my resolution this year, I want to draw more traffic to my blog including this blogger blog. I love this blog even though it is not perfect. It is a place where I can write my personal emotions about blogging and my blog development. If you need help to find your resolution, you can read take note below:

Start a new blog

Register to another mailing list service

Changing the entire template

Sell old blog

Changing SEO style

Give more comments on other blogs/make friends

Driving more traffic

Get more sales

Increase more profit

Finding sponsors

Register new affiliate programs

Learning new techniques in web development

Learn some HTML

Create a landing page

Work more on social network

Get your article published in article directory

Increase blog security

These are only examples. You can choose one if you are interested. If you already have your own resolution, get it going now. Make sure that you can finish it before the year ends. Start your engine immediately.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

I Almost Turn Green

Yep, I almost turn green and become the Incredible Hulk today. For these few days, I only made a little progress on my new blog. The most frustrating is the theme. The theme owner/vendor doesn't seem to care about the problem I had with his theme. Its not like it is a big problem. Only the social icon won't load when using Firefox.

The social icons are not loading in Firefox

This really looks ugly for the blog. Today is the last day for the support team to help me with this problem. If it is not settles, I will get a refund and pick other theme.

Because of this theme alone, I screw up my files in the Hostgator cpanel settings. I have to contact Hostgator support to reset all the settings to default. Luckily, the Hostgator support team was really a helping hand to such problem. They are quick to answer my emails.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Why I Use Blogger Blog

True internet entrepreneurs will use paid hosting or will be advised to use paid hosting as their business platform online. This is because free web hosting platform does not belong to you. You only 'borrow' the platform from the company. In my case, I borrow it from Google.
Besides Blogger blog, there are many other free web hosting that you can use such as Wordpress, Tumblr, Hubpages, Squidoo Lens and 000webhost. If you love quick and easy blogging platform, just choose any that you like.

But by choosing these platform, don't expect to earn from it. You can still make a few cents from adsense but that's it. Don't expect to earn a few thousands and make a living with it. However, there are a few blogs succeed in using free web host but the case is really rare.
Now, why would I use Blogger blog if that is the case? The answer is really simple. This is not where I want to make money. This blog that you read is actually a note. This note is personal and I write down my experience or any technical stuff that I found online.

Even though this is a personal note but I share it with everyone who are interested with what I write. Maybe you can gain some knowledge from it. The best part of learning is teaching. By teaching, you actually learning.

One more thing, this blog was actually my assignment but I keep it as future reference. Everything that I learn, I write them here and some article are not published.

I'm also not an internet guru. I don't really teach people how to make money online. What I write about making money online here is taken from other blogs that I read. As you can see here, this is my own compilation. But I can assure you that there are no lies or crap that are published.

I Trust Other Blogger User
You can laugh all you want but I trust some other Blogger user. I can see that they are serious in blogging and they have good content. I don't know what are their excuse for using Blogger as a platform because I see that their blogs have quality content and should have paid for their hosting to make money.

Sometimes I steal their idea to create my own blog (such evil thought). But that is how blogging is all about. Its about sharing and helping readers with their problem.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Story of The Tennis Player

There was this tennis player and lets called him Adam. Adam is a working man and he is a great tennis player. He is so good that he can beat everyone in his department and becomes the best tennis player in his workplace.

In this week, I've been to my organization's seminar about entrepreneurship. So, I don't have the time to update this little blog of mine. But, there is a great story that our new CEO told us and I like to share it here with everyone. It is called "The Story of The Tennis Player".

He even won many championships outside his workplace and this makes his name well-known in the local tennis world.

One day, John, Adam's colleague challenges Adam to a tennis match. John doesn't know much about tennis but he determines to learn and to give Adam a good opponent. Seeing John's determination, Adam agrees and accepts the challenge.

Before the match, John asks Adam to give him some time to learn about tennis. They both agree to meet again during the match after six months. John is very happy to give his best friend a good match because they both know that no one in the department can match with Adam.

Starting from that day, John is burning with desire. He then buys any book about tennis and even spend hours on the internet to know more about tennis and how to play well. Adam also spend some time training and he also want to give a good match to his friend.

Days and months flew by and the time has now come to the big day. Both Adam and John are very confident to themselves especially John. He spends so many time to learn about tennis. Now he knows everything like a backhand, a powerful service, a smash and so on.

At the tennis court, Adam give John the honor to give the first service. John gives the first service and didn't make it to pass the net and he never did.

Same Goes To Online Business
The story on John is what most internet entrepreneurs today are facing. Internet business is like on-the-job training. What internet entrepreneurs usually do is they buy any product on how to start an online business but never did try to build one!

Imagine if a bodybuilder try to build muscle just by reading ways to do it but never goes to a gym. How can he build his muscle that way?

You may know every tips and tricks to build an online business but if you never start one, there is no way you will succeed. You can read tons of stuff but it will never work if you never apply the techniques.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Behold My New Template

I have just finish tweaking my new blogger template. No need for you guys to ask, yes, it is free and awesome too. It is called iClean and I got it from Btemplates. Its tiring when you suddenly want to change a template because there are a lot of work to do.

Changing the template itself is not that hard but all your settings will be gone. You have to redo everything and that means you have to start from zero. But above all that tiring work, I am very pleased to see my new template. It looks fresh and more gives more professional look.

Most of the people don't trust Blogger blogs. That is why I'm changing my template. It is not just because it is full of lies and scam but from my personal experience, because of the blogger's attitude. I have seen a few blogs with great content and very up-to-date but the owner is very lazy to update his/her blog.

I don't know why or how did this thing can be happening. It's like you are walking to a certain destination and suddenly you fall asleep. It really make no sense. My advice to these kind of people is, don't bother to start up a blog. You are just wasting your time and anybody who visit and read your blog.

This blog is dead serious! I don't mind if any readers out there doesn't believe me (in this blog) but this blog is a part of my note. If I need some revision, I will go back to this blog and read its content for my other project.

You can thank me for sharing this blog even though there are some post that I don't publish to the public. At least I don't charge anything in this blog. There are a few ads anyway but getting the ads to be clicked is like waiting for the rain in the desert.

Ok, enough talking crap. Talking will not get you anywhere. I will show it to you that I am serious about this blog. Things will get exiting after this. I will give you all a surprise in my next post but you have to wait for it :)