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Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Story of The Tennis Player

There was this tennis player and lets called him Adam. Adam is a working man and he is a great tennis player. He is so good that he can beat everyone in his department and becomes the best tennis player in his workplace.

In this week, I've been to my organization's seminar about entrepreneurship. So, I don't have the time to update this little blog of mine. But, there is a great story that our new CEO told us and I like to share it here with everyone. It is called "The Story of The Tennis Player".

He even won many championships outside his workplace and this makes his name well-known in the local tennis world.

One day, John, Adam's colleague challenges Adam to a tennis match. John doesn't know much about tennis but he determines to learn and to give Adam a good opponent. Seeing John's determination, Adam agrees and accepts the challenge.

Before the match, John asks Adam to give him some time to learn about tennis. They both agree to meet again during the match after six months. John is very happy to give his best friend a good match because they both know that no one in the department can match with Adam.

Starting from that day, John is burning with desire. He then buys any book about tennis and even spend hours on the internet to know more about tennis and how to play well. Adam also spend some time training and he also want to give a good match to his friend.

Days and months flew by and the time has now come to the big day. Both Adam and John are very confident to themselves especially John. He spends so many time to learn about tennis. Now he knows everything like a backhand, a powerful service, a smash and so on.

At the tennis court, Adam give John the honor to give the first service. John gives the first service and didn't make it to pass the net and he never did.

Same Goes To Online Business
The story on John is what most internet entrepreneurs today are facing. Internet business is like on-the-job training. What internet entrepreneurs usually do is they buy any product on how to start an online business but never did try to build one!

Imagine if a bodybuilder try to build muscle just by reading ways to do it but never goes to a gym. How can he build his muscle that way?

You may know every tips and tricks to build an online business but if you never start one, there is no way you will succeed. You can read tons of stuff but it will never work if you never apply the techniques.

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