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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Behold My New Template

I have just finish tweaking my new blogger template. No need for you guys to ask, yes, it is free and awesome too. It is called iClean and I got it from Btemplates. Its tiring when you suddenly want to change a template because there are a lot of work to do.

Changing the template itself is not that hard but all your settings will be gone. You have to redo everything and that means you have to start from zero. But above all that tiring work, I am very pleased to see my new template. It looks fresh and more gives more professional look.

Most of the people don't trust Blogger blogs. That is why I'm changing my template. It is not just because it is full of lies and scam but from my personal experience, because of the blogger's attitude. I have seen a few blogs with great content and very up-to-date but the owner is very lazy to update his/her blog.

I don't know why or how did this thing can be happening. It's like you are walking to a certain destination and suddenly you fall asleep. It really make no sense. My advice to these kind of people is, don't bother to start up a blog. You are just wasting your time and anybody who visit and read your blog.

This blog is dead serious! I don't mind if any readers out there doesn't believe me (in this blog) but this blog is a part of my note. If I need some revision, I will go back to this blog and read its content for my other project.

You can thank me for sharing this blog even though there are some post that I don't publish to the public. At least I don't charge anything in this blog. There are a few ads anyway but getting the ads to be clicked is like waiting for the rain in the desert.

Ok, enough talking crap. Talking will not get you anywhere. I will show it to you that I am serious about this blog. Things will get exiting after this. I will give you all a surprise in my next post but you have to wait for it :)

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