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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Blogging: What Is Your Real Intention?

Blogging has become such a trend today that even a kid can start a blog. With so many free blogging platforms available, it is possible for even someone with no budget or experience to start a blog. People blog for many reasons and most of them are tied to personal gain. The most common intent for starting a blog today is to make money online to gain financial freedom or for side income. Whatever reasoning behind it, these aspiring bloggers have to make sure that they are capable of blogging well first.

When it first began, people started blogging, for the most part, as a hobby. Blogs created were mostly private and the blogger's intention was to share the content with friends and family. The content of a particular blog was about personal activities and bloggers did not having to go "viral" on the internet as a goal like what many are doing today. Some people even treated their blog like their diary and they wrote their blog about their everyday life.

Imagine how naïve bloggers are during those days. Bloggers don't even think about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), page rank, backlinks and not even something seemingly simple like keyword density. However, this is the real reason why people blog nowadays. Blogging is a social media and it is used to interact to other people. Business owners eventually acknowledged the power of the blog and used it to interact with their customers. That was the beginning of blogs being used for business intention.

Blogs are also used by some to gain attention. These types of bloggers, in general, do not care about the credibility of their blog content. Their intention is only to seek attention - positive or negative - and to gain readers. These blogs take physical form in the shape of gossip magazines and tabloids. Good article is not necessary true because the true intention is to attract readers and raise their curiosity. If the article reach the right people and shared with others, it will become popular which we today call it viral content.

Some people who have very strong opinions about the world but do not know the right channel to express their ideas can blog about them. These blogs are more than ideas, it is about someone's feelings towards the world that we live. These people actually can change the world. Helping other people can be a blessing and inspiration for these people.

Last but not least, people blog in the intention to spread news, activities and share events. We talked about gossip bloggers above but this is very different. News blogs are about quality reporting, unique points of view and facts. That is what these bloggers were supposed to do but people are starting to question the quality of the news reported.


To wrap things up, before you start thinking about making money out from blogging, remember what blogs are supposed to do. There are too many fake blogs who collects articles, spin them and then post them as their own. That is not quality blogging. It is because of their greed for money that keeps them from becoming a real blogger. People like this will not last long in the blogging world. When they realize that they do not make a single penny, they will throw in the towel.

Remember that blogging was supposed to be fun and exciting. People write articles to inspire, share experiences and to inform other people with their ideas, jokes and facts. If you feel miserable and not having fun doing it, then blogging is not for you.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Appreciate Your Readers

One thing that I really hate when emailing, commenting or contacting any blog owners is their lack of response. I think that I am not alone in this situation. Just imagine that you are only starting to draft your way to your own internet business and you want a few advice or even one piece of advice but you get nothing. It’s kind of disappointing but it is something that you must keep in mind.

I comment and emailed a few very successful blogs around the internet even before I started blogging. It’s not that I am looking for advice but I was commenting or asking directly at the post. Out of curiosity, I comment and ask about the blog post but get no reply. Not just me but everyone that was commenting did not get a reply. What we do at that time was we answered each others questions.

It was a terrible experience for me for not being treated as a guest in someone’s house. Not only this was happening a few years ago but these kinds of bloggers still exist today. That will be my last day in visiting such blogs. I don’t care how much money you make or how successful you are, you can get lost from my sight!

A real successful blogger will always reply to their readers. You should always remember this. Some bloggers hired other people to reply their emails or comment for them but it doesn’t matter. As long as your name is used, your readers will be happy enough to hear your reply. If you don’t reply at any comment or email, people will start to leave your blog and may never return again.

I get it when you said that you are busy with other commitments. You can reply late or leave a message asking your readers to wait. It doesn’t hurt to wait if you ask your readers to wait for you. Like being mentioned above, you can always hire someone else to do it if you are busy. Having an online business is like having a physical business. It can take away a lot of your time but don’t let it be in your way.


Take care of your readers. They are the one who makes your blog successful and also who will become your customers. Appreciate every single comment that they leave or any emails that they sent to you. A short reply won’t hurt. As long as your readers get what they want, they will surely be happy about it.

Have any comments? Leave it below and I will surely REPLY..GET IT? LOL..

Friday, 11 April 2014

Blogging Is That Damn Hard

Have everyone tried blogging yet? You may not be influenced by me maybe some other blogging gurus out there that may be your coach or trainer. I hoped somebody will tell their story with me and other readers on their personal opinion when blogging. Experience is the best teacher in life. What makes you tomorrow is your own experience.

I will share mine first. For anyone who already started blogging, they will realize that it is not as easy as they think. That is why only a few survived the blogging world. With millions of blogs out there, there is almost no chance of survival. Many can start a blog but many can’t maintain it and they will give up. Don’t think blogging is a piece of cake if you never blog before.

The reason I blog is to share my experience and I want my readers to feel what I feel. I love to influence others by my writing even though my English is not that perfect. As long as readers understand what I’m trying to say will be enough for me. The feelings that when everyone read what comes out from your head is priceless. It’s worth more than all the money in the world.

Feels like giving up?
It is important to blog about something that you are passionate about. I’ve read about this but I can’t put it in the right word. Describing feelings is my weakness but I try to make you understand. Blogging is actually like a job or hobby. Don’t think about money first. Get your job going and you will reap on what you sow. If you have a daily job, you will understand this. No job means no money.

For me, readers are more important. Concentrate on bringingtraffic to your blog rather than focusing on trying to make money. A blog is an online journal, don’t forget about that. How can you write a journal when nobody wants to read your blog? Bring readers first, and then you can make money. Bringing traffic to your blog is the main obstacle that you must overcome because it is the hardest part of blogging. For this reason also, many will give up.

Avoid negative thinking in your head. Don’t listen to those voices in your head saying “you are not good enough”, “nobody wants to read those crap you write”, “there are too many competitors” or “this blog will take years to develop”. If you are not sure if blogging suits you, do many experiments. Create a few blogs from free blogging platform. If you love what you are doing, then you can go for paid domains.

Here are examples of obstacles when you start a blog:

  • Lack of idea in writing
  • Lazy to update your blog
  • Not consistent in updating your blog
  • Too many competitors those are obviously better than you
  • No traffic (don’t know how to get traffic)
  • No traffic (too lazy to find traffic)
  • Always doing things for money (this can really frustrates you)
  • Thinks that blogging is easy
  • Don’t care about asking for help
  • Give up too quick

I can list down a hundred more obstacles if I want to. This is just the example. People are different and they see things differently. Some may give up for a while but they will continue back what they have started. Some people just give up and do something else. Not all people are lucky enough to head straight to success. Almost all have to work hard.

Discipline yourself if you want to blog. Some people see blogging as an impossible way to make money. This is certainly almost true. You can make a few cents and a few bucks per month but to really make money seems impossible. But think back again, if you can make a few cents or a few bucks, it means that you can make money by blogging. 


Blogging is a business and no businessman starts their empire in a blink of an eye. You have to work hard. Let’s stop talking about blogging for now. Talk about starting an outlet, shop, stalls or any other physical business. You will again face the same problem. You don’t get successful if you don’t do anything. You have to advertise and introduce your business to others.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Top 10 List About Things You Should Never Forget If You Have A New Blog

You set up a blog or you bought one, get your post ready or at least some ideas, post it to your blog and everything should be fine, right? Wrong! I’ve been doing this for a few months but I can’t seem to get traffic to my blog. It bugs me for a while then I realize I didn’t do anything to improve the blog’s SEO and keywords.

Being a blogger means that you always do the same thing with a new blog in your possession. There are no other ways to get traffic to your blog. Doing the same thing every time can make your brain forgetful. Sometimes you are too busy with your personal schedule and you will tend to forget about small stuff about your blog.

I was truly devastated knowing that I don’t have good traffic to my blog for no apparent reason. But it’s not anyone’s fault. I’m only tired and couldn’t remember to set up the SEO pluggin and everything else. The only thing I remember was just to post my article every two days. Then I have to continue with my work and study. 

This is not a long post. I only want to remind you about the things that you might forget to do with your blog. Remember that you should always keep this list on your note so that you would not forget. Here is the top 10 list:

  • Do keyword research
  • Set up your SEO
  • Wait for your blog’s traffic results
  • Do a few experiments with your tweak to get the best result
  • Test your blog again
  • Comment on other blogs/competitor
  • Join forums
  • Be active on the internet/be social
  • Update your social account often
  • Build your relationship with readers

Thursday, 30 January 2014

2014 Resolutions For Bloggers

It is almost the end of January. Have you thought about your resolution for 2014? Even a blogger also have a resolution or few resolutions. Remember that blogging is a business. You must have a goal for your blog. Do it slowly but it is a must. Don’t waste time blogging if you are not in to it.

If you like blogging, I guess you already have a resolution for this year. Resolutions are different for each blogger. It is according to their achievements. If you failed to achieve your last year resolution, you can also do it this year. No one is forcing you to do something because that is your own duty.

For my resolution this year, I want to draw more traffic to my blog including this blogger blog. I love this blog even though it is not perfect. It is a place where I can write my personal emotions about blogging and my blog development. If you need help to find your resolution, you can read take note below:

Start a new blog

Register to another mailing list service

Changing the entire template

Sell old blog

Changing SEO style

Give more comments on other blogs/make friends

Driving more traffic

Get more sales

Increase more profit

Finding sponsors

Register new affiliate programs

Learning new techniques in web development

Learn some HTML

Create a landing page

Work more on social network

Get your article published in article directory

Increase blog security

These are only examples. You can choose one if you are interested. If you already have your own resolution, get it going now. Make sure that you can finish it before the year ends. Start your engine immediately.