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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Internet Business: Do it or Don’t do it

With internet on your fingertips, you are planning to make a living out of it. You started an online business in just one day. The next day when you wake up, voila!! Money is rolling like a tsunami to your bank account….NOT. These are what most people think now. Easy, cheap and fast internet makes so many opportunities for people to do their business online.

When the internet was introduced, e-businesses were started by physical stores and premises. They placed their advertisements online and they also sell their products online. This is because everyone can access the internet from the comfort of their home. People don’t need to go out to shop anymore and this is a trend to the urban areas. A simple few clicks on the e-stores is enough for shopping.

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Today, the e-business can be started by anyone. There are a lot of opportunities to do business online and the best thing is you don’t have to get a license to build your online store. Even if you don’t have your own product, you still can sell other people’s product and gain commission from the sold items. A few examples of popular money-making business online are:

1. Blogging
2. Affiliate marketing
3. E-commerce
4. Arts & craft
5. Auction selling

However in reality, e-business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Like physical business, it also needs patience and perseverance. For example, a blogger need at least a year to get their first dollar. But it is a different story for a well-known physical business who builds their website online. They already have their own loyal customers and wherever they go, the customers will follow. This goes for business with big brands such as sports brand or a local newspaper. As you can see here, even e-business needs to be advertised and have got to be well-known. Now let us view the few examples of e-business that you can do it online.

A blog is actually a website. A person who writes blogs is called a blogger. It is a website that contains articles which is everyone will read for information. One example of a blog is This is a blog about politics in Malaysia.

How is this being a business?
You can earn from advertising on your blog. The most popular advertising is from Google AdSense. You will be paid from Google if visitors to your blog click on their advertisement. If your blog is popular enough, other organizations will pay you if you placed their ads on your blog. It’s like renting a place for their ads.

Affiliate marketing
This is when I said you sell other people’s products. You will get paid by commissions. You help the organization to advertise their products through a special link that contains your information. This is how the organization knows who is selling the products and the commission will go to that particular person. Usually people make their advertisements through Pay Per Click (PPC). This PPC is what you see on Google AdSense. One famous affiliate marketing company is

An e-commerce website looks like and website. You will build a website looking like that with your own products listed. If you don’t have any product, other people also can sell their products in your website like

Arts & crafts
This is when creativity really comes to the topic. If you are good with something, let say origami, you can sell your origami online. Make your product looks different from the others. The more unique your product is, the more sells it will make. But this kind of e-business is quite rare because not all of us can do arts or crafts.

Auction selling
So you have your product but you don’t have a website. This is not a problem anymore. You can sell it at or Building your own little-known e-commerce website can be frustrating and it takes a lot of your time. The well-known website is a stepping stone for some people who want to sell their products fast.

So guys, the above are some example of e-business that you can do to make real money on the internet. You can choose which one that suits your interest. If you are the person who wants fast cash or cannot be patient, it is not the business that you need. You better don’t do it or it will be just a waste of time for you. Time is really precious for us. For anyone who is interested, well, I wish you all good luck and have patience..a lot of it..

Article by:
Albert Babok

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