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Monday, 13 May 2013

What is Keyword Density

Many new bloggers doesn't know or don't even care about keyword density in their article. This is because they don't understand the importance of keyword density. Without keyword density, it is very hard to keep up with search engines especially Google. Google change their algorithm almost at anytime they want. Their business is providing information so you can't blame them for that. Keyword density makes the article SEO friendly and easy to be crawled by the search engine.

Keyword density is the repetition of the title of the article. What is the title of the article? What are the words used? The keyword density will be based upon this. For example, if the article title is 'How to Cook Butter Prawn' then the article body must contain sentence that contain 'cook' and 'butter prawn. It is as simple as that.

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It is not that hard to create an article which is keyword-rich and with the appropriate density as long as it is still according to the title. However, do not put sentence that are not in line with the title. This will make the article look bad and can ruin the whole article, the writer and the website itself.

 If you are not tight on budget, there are a lot of keyword density tools which can be downloaded online. However, it is best to do the keyword analysis yourself because it is not that difficult. There are also free keyword density tools such as Keyword Density Analyzer Tool, SEO Centro's Keyword Density Tool, SEO Chat's Keyword Density Tool and

All the tools work the same way. They analyze and count how many keywords in a certain website that are typed in their search tool. User of these tools can also analyze keyword in a certain webpage of their website which contain one article for review.

How To Find The Right Keyword For Your Blog
This is a question that every newbie want to ask. It is a good question actually because without the right keyword, it is hard to gain traffic to your website or blog. Do not blog just for fun. This sounds bad but it is the truth. If you start a blog for fun and nobody are coming to your blog, you will eventually stop blogging.

People create blogs to share their passion. Passion is not for fun. It is a life for some people.

There are few bloggers that blog for a certain group of people like co-workers, colleagues, classmates or club members. Usually, these kind of bloggers are paid or have their own personal gain. These bloggers don't care about traffic. The only thing they need to do is to update their blog regularly. 

For bloggers who need to make some profit, they need traffic. To get more traffic, find keyword that suits your niche and start blogging. People will eventually come to your blog when they search the search engine even if it takes time.

The simplest way to find the right keyword is to use a free tool called Google Keyword Tool. It is a tool inside the Google Adword. Google Adword is used to promote websites or products so keyword is important if you are trying to promote something.

To attract more traffic using search engines, keyword density is important in writing an article for blogs. These kind of traffic is called organic traffic and usually they are first timers in a certain website because they find the website through a search engine. Remember to search for keyword ideas before posting an article.

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