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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Google Panda Search Algorithm - A Few Things To Do To Avoid Its Effect

Google Panda is the update from Google for their search algorithm. So, it means that how Google crawls for online content is updated and very different from the last few years. Google search will be different and because of this, many websites are taking its tolls from this update.

Google Panda started taking effect on February 2011. Websites with inappropriate content, duplicated content, too many links (including labels or tags) and too little content will become the victim.

What we have to do is just add a few nofollow tags to our websites to title links, labels and side widgets. See below for the instructions:

1. Go to your website html editor (e.g blogger - blogger dashbord ->template ->edit)

2. Find (ctrl+f) the code below

3. Replace the code with the following

4. Done

Now, follow the instructions below to add nofollow tags to your side widget.

1. In the html editor, find the following code:

2. Replace the code with the following:

3. Save your html

4. You are all done!

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