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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Tips For Creating A Blog: Bringing The Best From Blogger

I am sure that every blogging gurus will tell you NOT to use any free blogging platform to start your blog. To tell you the truth, they are right. Blogging is a business for some people. If you are very serious about building your business online, use paid domain name. That is the best place to have your business running.

But this doesn't mean that free website platform is bad. If it is that bad, why Google even bothers to buy Blogspot in the first place? There are a lot of free website platform that you can use for blogging such, Tumblr, 000webhost and including Blogger.

Blogger was known as Blogspot before Google bought it. Blogger doesn' t change a lot and it is still free to use. As mentioned above, there is also a lot of other free blogging website where you can start your own blog for free but I use Blogger as example here and because I love using it.

Most internet users are used to Blogger especially for blogging beginners. Besides Blogger, Wordpress is also a popular people' s choice. These people who start blogging are usually teenagers and individuals. They use Blogger as their diary and also like other people, they also use Blogger to share their thoughts to the world.

Using a free platform for your blog is not a bad idea. I often heard that blogging gurus always say that you will lose everything in the blog if Google closes it. Technically, this is true. That will happen ONLY IF your blog violates their terms.

There are not many tips that I can share with everyone here because this is about a free domain blog. You can’t really tweak and customize your blog exactly like what you are thinking. In that case, I will share three best tips for blogspot. This is how you can really make the best out of your blog.

Tip #1: Choose the right template

I usually go to Btemplate to download free template for Blogger. This is my favorite place because there are no hustle to install your new template and it is easy to use. But you can choose anywhere on the internet for your satisfaction.

Choose template with large font, large icon and large everything. Most important is the font. People go to a blog to read something interesting. If you use small font, it can tires the eye or visitors will leave without reading anything because they are too lazy to review your blog one by one.

People judge a blog by its cover (looks). Good quote I have there LOL. Choose any beautiful template design that you can find. People are attracted to beautiful things and if your blog looks like a dump site, they will leave. No doubt about that.

Tip #2: Arrange your widget nicely

Assume your widget as decoration on your blog. How you arrange them will tell visitors that your blog is carefully arranged or not. The default arrangement is acceptable. If you started to put some ads, you will face a few problem. Ask someone to look at your blog first before you change your widget arrangement.

Do not overdecorate your blog with ads. I’ve seen a few blogs full of ads and it’s quite hard to find the content. The worst part is sometime you don’t know where are the content. Make your content stick out than your widget and ads.

Tip #3: Tweak your Blogger blog

Tweak your blog for the best performance. Keyword density is not a very good idea to win the heart of the search engines. Tweaking here also means that it’s including sending your blog to search engines so that they know your blog exists. To tweak a free blog, you have to do it manually. It doesn’t have automatic plugins like paid hosting. Spend some time to do this

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