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Monday, 10 June 2013

How To Setup An E-Commerce Website For Free

An ecommerce website is getting femes (famous) these days. In my hometown alone, there are a few hundreds of websites selling what they enjoyed most. But most of these websites are selling women's clothing and the person who owns the site is mostly women. This doesn't mean that men are not interested. Website owned by men is mostly children's wear, men accessories and men's wear. When I checked out some of the websites, I can conclude that 9 out of 10 are women owned website.

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Wholesale and dropship concept

It is very easy to setup an ecommerce website and it only takes for about an hour to put the first few materials on your website. What gives the person who want to setup this kind of website a headache is where to get stuffs to sell.

I can't give specific information about where to get your stuffs because it is according to the country where do you reside. But I will give example from where Malaysian usually get their stuffs. Ok, let us get to business on how to start an ecommerce website for free.

Step 1:
First, determine where are you going to buy your stuffs for you to sell on your website. This part, it is all up to you but in my personal opinion, it is better to have your own product.

If you don't have any product to sell, get your stocks from China or be a dropship agent. China have the cheapest clothing line that you can sell on your website. What?! No money?! No problem. Register your name to another website for you to sell their product. Just like an affiliate program.

I only can remember one website for this program that is Don't forget to raise your price a little bit for profit. This website is not an affiliate program. They sell clothes in wholesale which means you have to buy at least for RM200 to get your product.

If you don't plan on buying first, you can just bank in your money and leave it there (credit). You can use your credit later when you have customers buying from you. You also don't have to deliver the product yourself. You can tell to Cassafashion where you want them to deliver the product.

For an affiliate program, you can register at Zalora use affiliate program and their products are not from China. They have multiple big brand choices and it ain't cheap.

List of suppliers: - A mixture of wholesale and drop shippers. They have over 2000 suppliers detailed ready from around the world and a large product range. Including U.S, U.K, Europe and Asia. - Provides affilates and wholesale dropshipping for electronic products. They teach you how to get traffic to your website and provide SEO Pro Tools. Available around the world. - Provides U.S based companies for wholesale dropshipping. (Note: I hate how their website looks like). - Hate wholesellers and dropshippers? Import directly from China and other places. Have the profits all by yourself.

Step 2:
This is the easy part - Create your own ecommerce website. You can create your website for free using Create a gmail account and then you are good to go with blogger. I won't explain the details here because I believe many already know how to to this.

Besides the easy part, this is the most fun part because you finally have your own ecommerce website. Imagine having a business online. It is hard to open a physical store but you can build it for an hour online.

For free web hosting, you will have to do the purchase manually. It means your customer will email you or post a comment in your Facebook page. If you want your website to be automated, you have to use paid web hosting. If you don't know how to build an ecommerce website, you can learn about it slowly.

Step 3:
Create a Facebook Fan Page. This is quite important because this is the way that you want to tell your friends that you have something to sell. And by having a facebook page, your friends will be informed that you setup an online store.

Most ecommerce website owners target their friends and families first as their customers. Ask your friends to Like your page by sending them invites. This is why ecommerce are popular among women. Women tends to have many friends online and they have the same passion.

Friends will likely to buy something from you because they trust you and maybe they have known you for years. If they like your product, they will tell other friends to buy from you. That is what friends are for isn't it?

If you are a very social person online by having accounts here and there, you also can update your posts or tweets about your business. Use your imagination to expand your business. Social media are free, use them wisely.

That's it! It is easy to setup an ecommerce website. You don't have to be a genius in building a website. It is just like any other website but ecommerce sells directly to customers.

I know that for some people, building an ecommerce website is a big dream for them. That is why I am writing this article to give them an idea on how to start an ecommerce website.

More good news that I want to share here is that you actually can learn on how to do wholesale and dropshipping business. Like any other business, there is a strategy to sell dropship products.

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