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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Create Quality Content And Don't Lie

How many Google search results show you when you type "make money online"? Yes, billions of results. Which means they are millions of people who are trying to sell their products and services to you. And now you are asking yourself, is this product is for real? or is this a scam?

Sounds familiar to you? Well, read on.

I don't know if it's only me or anybody else but I always thought, did these people really make money online? In the basic learning of entrepreneurship, you have to learn from the best to become the best. If you want to be a chef, learn from a master chef, if you want to be a racer, learn from the champions and so on.

That is how entrepreneurs work. They work with the best. Did you ever come across with these sentences when googling around:

Image: An example of "Internet Millionaire"

#1 Earn $1000 A Day Doing Nothing!
#2 How I Made 6 Figure Income Monthly
#3 Sit Back and Relax While Watching Money Rolling In
#4 Earn Thousands While You Sleep
#5 How To Become A Millionaire Online ...and the list goes on..

Are you kidding me? What type of business is that? If it's not scamming you it's definitely teaching you to become a scammer. One other reason behind this is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and man, I really hate MLM.

This is certainly not about an online business. Even if it is, the person behind the website is not earning that so much money. There are about 85% of bloggers who didn't make any money online (read about it here). They didn't make any money but are trying to help you make money. How is that sounds to you?

Well, looking at the bright side, it is NOT impossible. Established internet marketer or internet entrepreneurs do make money while sleeping and lots of it. But for beginner, it is like a dream in a fantasy island.

Make money online is just an example. There are a lot of niche out there and they also did the same thing. Another example is the lose weight niche. I wonder what the person behind the website really looks like. I'm really dying to know, don't you?

Serious entrepreneurs make money with their product and they tell stories about their product in their blogs. That means, blog is only a platform for their business. But the 'other' people who copy the real entrepreneurs really don't make money. If they do, it is only fast cash.

Fast cash won't last forever. Today you scam a person, tomorrow you won't get any. Worst of all, you may land in jail for that. What people are really looking for is a passive income from the internet.

Quality Content From The Heart
Always remember that content is king. There is no doubt about it. That is why it is important for you to choose the right niche for your website. Don't just go and build a website with a niche that you don't really know about.

If you have money to spend, I guess its ok. You can find someone to write the content for you. By doing this, you can lose a lot of money just by providing the articles and you aren't certain about how much you will make.

Being an expert in your niche will save you a lot of time, money and energy. The best thing about this is you can answer questions from visitors by yourself because you already know about your niche. Be proud of what are you selling online.

Create your content with high quality. Write a few references if you have to. Gain trust from your readers. Nothing is more important than trust. How on earth are you going to sell anything if no one trusts you? You can also share your personal stories with your readers.

What to do:
#1 Write based on experience
#2 Only pay for articles that you don't really know
#3 Add reference for facts

No Lying
Be honest in your business. Even a brick and mortar business needs honesty. Honesty will be rewarded with trust. That is a good way to make attraction to your website.

Do not think that you can fool somebody to buy your product. This is the 21st century. Even a 12 year old knows what a scam is and what is not. Visitors who come to your blog are knowledgable people. You only make a fool of yourself if you are trying to lie.

You don't have to lie to sell your product. Every internet entrepreneurs starts from zero. Why should you be ashamed of it? If someone wants to buy, they will buy. You can't force someone to purchase something from you if they are not interested.

What to do:
#1 Don't put any figures at your website if it's too low (Facebook fan, money, readers etc)
#2 Don't lie for a product review
#3 You are your own content

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