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Monday, 17 June 2013

3 Main Reason Why Colors Are Important For A Website

Sometimes we tend to forget the little detail that can give a big impact to our website. Reading or viewing a website can be tiring. Websites are like books except for the monitor lighting. Books do not produce lights so the eyes will be less tiring.

We all love internet. We do a lot of things online especially for information. The internet is the fastest way to find any information that you need. Finding information means reading text and articles.

What does this got to do with the colors? Everything! Remember when we are taught that website visitors will likely turn into customers? People need fast information so visitors will quickly scroll a website to find the information that they need and will likely never be coming back again.

In the other hand, we can hook this kind of visitors and make them a loyal visitor even though they accidentally stumble into a website that they never seen before. This is where the website looks will have their effects to visitors.

Colors are small matter but it is important for a website. It shows how the website will look like and how well does the website is organize. A super unique content will become a waste if people won't read it just because the website sucks.

These are the 3 main reason why colors are important for a website:

Reason #1 Create contrast 
What in the hell is contrast?! Did this question gets in the head? Don't laugh about it. Some people are too concentrated at building content but forgets the basics. This is the time to get back to basics and reach website audience.

Contrast is about vision. It is the arrangement or combination of colors and images to show differences. This will give the audience the idea to differentiate the website's content. Simply saying, the website is talking to its audience in a way of colors.

Imagine if Ebay stores are dull. Are they still get many customers? It will probably closed in 3 months time.

Contrast are not limited to images in a website. It also can be in texts. Use available elements that are cannot be used in books to make reading a pleasant experience. Contrast in text will show about links, expressions and importance.

Reason #2 Attract attention
Reading can be a nightmare for some people. Try to create a good view for readers so that they can give attention when they read. A dull website or plain simple text style will bore readers.

Believe it or not, there are websites with crap content but have loyal visitors just because their website looks 'cool' to them. Here is where people judge the book by its cover. People loves beautiful things. It can attract attention instantly.

Start by viewing your own favourite website. See how the website looks like and what really attracts your attention at the first place.

Reason #3 Organization
Too much color will send website to the cliff. Choose themes that are suitable for the website's purpose and also your purpose for creating the website. A few colors can make a huge difference. Don't mix up any color for no apparent reason.

Readers of a certain website maybe are adults but most of them still act like kids. Have control of the audience. Don't let a small mistake like color combination make readers go away.

Organized website can give visitors easy navigation. This is important for first time visitors. How many times do you leave a website just because you can't find anything there because of it is hard to navigate? Time is precious for all and audience won't waste their time to look at a website when the website is confusing.

Image: Color code for website. Find more at
Above is a few examples of colors that can be used for a website. For more colors and codes, go to and have custom colors for your website.

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  1. Great article. A lot of people forget the importance of the details while they actually often make or break a website!