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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

What Does Creating Unique Content Really Mean

As we all know, many blogs has taken its toll by the effect of Google's cute search algorithm called Panda and Penguin. The common excuse bloggers use is this overhaul done by Google. If you are a 'true' blogger who want to make money online, this shouldn't be a problem if you create unique content.

Many bloggers are confused what does it really mean by creating unique content. I know that what bloggers usually do is they read other blogs, 'steal' some idea and write back the content in their own word. So that the article belong to them. This is WRONG!

If you do that, your content is not unique. It's called article spinning. Article spin is when you find an article and rephrase that article to become yours. There are no originality in that article. You are just copying what other writers write.

How do you create unique content then?

The first thing that you, as a blogger should know is don't be lazy. Create your own unique content. Don't go around to any blogs and copy what they write. You can however find the keyword to be used in your article. Keywords are considered important but do not stuff as much as keyword as you can to an article.

Keyword stuffing makes your article makes no sense and you also will be penalized by Google for this. Google will see that your article as another crap and will not be listed on Google search. This is why many bloggers hate Google's new search algorithm.

Remember this very important but a very simple tip, what creates a unique content is yourself. Show who you are in your blog post. That is what makes your content unique. There is no one is this world that can be who you are.

For example, write about your related experience in your blog post, your friends, families and just anything that you can imagine. But it must be related to your niche and what business are you in. People loves to read something personal and 'human'.

Last Words
Don't put the blame on Google for what they did but for what you did. You are the one who create the content of your blog, not Google. If you post some crap, you get crap results.

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