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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Top 7 Myths About Blogging

If you ever came across some advertisements, blog posting or even a landing page selling blogging ebook, you might have been thinking is this guy is for real? Many thoughts will come across you because the way the person creates his promotional method is sometimes look like a get-rich-quick scheme.

Most of the time (maybe they don’t exist anymore), common sentence used are ‘all you need is a computer’, ‘no computer skills needed’ and ‘I earned xxx in just two days’. In common sense, this trick also will not help you sell. Even if you do, there will be enormous returned back.

Many people are desperate to look for other alternatives to find money. Money is the no1 motivator for an individual. It is not a wrong thing to do but the way you put your mind into it is wrong. It is like working the worst job you ever had just to put your meal on the table.

Here we are going to see some blogging myths that have been circulating around the internet. I’ve seen a few still exist. I don’t know the rest of them. Maybe they have been removed by Clickbank or banned. Most of the products are ebooks. 

Myth #1: All you need is a computer/no computer skills are needed

Basically, this is true. What you don’t know is, if you don’t know how to use the computer or some skills on the internet, you have to pay somebody to do it. The costs for all this html, marketing, seo and any other internet crap is not cheap buddy.

You really need computer skills. You don’t have to know all of it. A little bit of basic html is fine. This simple Blogger blog that I have also requires me to have some html skills to tweak and maintain. You can hire someone to do the hard part.

Myth #2: Bloggers sell male enhancement products

This is not totally untrue. Bloggers start their blog with the niche that they are expert in or want to be expert in to. It is a common thing that bloggers sell male enhancement products. Maybe that is the niche that they like so much.

What you really need to know is, bloggers have many niche or sub topics. They can technically sell anything they want. If all bloggers sell male enhancement products, I will not read another blog my entire life.

Myth #3: I made $xxxx for xx days

With great confidence, this IM guru brag about how much he/she can earn for a certain period. Usually the period is only for a few days. To gain that kind of money is not impossible, you heard right, NOT impossible. That takes a few simple tricks to do so. 

What the guru don’t tell you is it takes for example $4000 to make $5500. The $4000 is for ads purpose and to buy email lists. Be extra careful when you come across this type of ads. You might lose more money than earning them.

Myth #4: Get rich with blogging

I think everyone is aware about this is really a myth. By blogging it doesn’t mean that you are joining a get-rich-quick scheme. But, some people still thinks that way. Internet involves so many scams. When someone is not familiar with the internet world, when they think about internet, the first think that cross their mind is scam. 

It is true that many things that you read online are scam. Do some research about the product if you are interested to buy them. It is a good thing that these days you can find many product reviews are available online. Read a few reviews before intending to buy. I also use this method to shop online.

Myth #5: Blogs are used for internet marketing

It is not only for internet marketing or teaches you to blog and make money. Blogging is freestyle. You can blog about any niche topic that you want to. Basically, you can blog about anything. People get confused what blogs are usually for. 

It’s not their fault to get confused. This is because of the ‘misunderstanding’ that the blogging gurus taught them. People read blogs like Copyblogger, John Chow, Entrepreneurs-Journey, Problogger and so much more blogs that teaches them how to blog. Beginners sometimes think that they should do the same blog like what they are reading.

Myth #6: “I got this information from a blog”

Blogs can cover many topics such as funny, sad, touching, current news, entertainment and so much more. Not everything that you read is true. The blogger’s intention was only to attract readers and subscribers. They ‘cheat’ their readers for a good purpose and sometimes also for bad intentions. 

Good intentions means that the blogger want his/her content to go viral on the internet. Even big company like Google does this with their first 3D glasses video that they post on Youtube. Google want to see the public’s reaction on the video. Entertainment blog can post a few gossip articles. The story doesn’t have to be true because it is gossip.

Bad intentions mean that the blogger intentionally writes a negative story and post them on their blog. Their intention was to give a negative image to an individual, a product or a company. This is not a very good idea to begin with. You can face charges by the party involved in your blog content. 

Myth #7: Blogging is the only money-making tool on the internet

This is totally untrue. There are a lot of money-making methods that you can do on the internet. In my opinion, blogging is the best because you can have a long-term earning. But blogging is still not the only way to make money. Some people don’t have the skill to write but they are good at something else.

For example, if you have a shoe store by your place, you can sell those shoes through Ebay. You don’t have to have a blog to do this. But if you are very good in shoes, you can have a blog and write articles about shoes. Tell your visitors how good your knowledge with shoes. 

Another example is a gambler. Gambling is a habit just like smoking. It is hard to leave behind. If you are really a good poker player, you can register your name and your credit card at a known gambling site. You can earn through gambling from the internet.

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