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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Basic HTML for dummies, idiots, fishmongers, taxi drivers, homeless etc.

Like the title don’t you? Lol.. well, I like to make a note here at this blog about HTML basic. HTML is an acronym for Hypertext Markup Language. When you open a website, you actually open the HTML but the HTML is hidden. Website only can understand HTML. No matter how awesome or how creepy the site is, it is still made from HTML.

I know some of you don’t like to learn HTML. It just a pain in the ass for some people to learn. But learning HTML can make many things easier for you especially if you own a website. You can easily tweak your website according to what you have in mind and you don’t have to pay for someone else to do it.
If you search the search engine, they will show you something like this:



<title> Your Title Here <title/>






I was thinking, what are you posting here? And that was the time when I first learn about HTML. I am really frustrated why the owner or authors of the website won’t just give us the explanation about the HTML. It is just the basic and if you make an e-book and try to sell about basic HTML…well, screw you!! A basic thing is a basic. Trying to make money about something like that is just not acceptable.

Here it is, the explanations..for FREE:

This is the opening of your web page. Imagine the website as a blank piece of paper. This html is an act to open the paper..sort of. <html> tag is the opening tag.

The <head> tag is where the most top part is. Like a letter head. <head> tag is the opening tag of the header.

This is where you put your title of your web page. <title> tag is the opening tag and type your title after the opening tag.

This is the closing tag of the title. As you can see here, there is an opening tag and closing tag. In order to make the word you type are visible, type inside the tags. The tags are the container of your webpage.

Like the closing title tag, this is also a closing tag for the head. The opening and closing head tags now is the container of the title because the title is still in the head section.

The content on your webpage goes here. Everything under the header to the bottom is inside the <body> tag.

This is the paragraph tag. Every content or some people called it meat is typed after the opening paragraph tag.

After you finish all your crap stories (lol), put this tag. It is the closing of the paragraph tag.

And then the closing of the body tag. This is the ending of your body content. You will realize again that the opening and closing the paragraph tag is inside the body tag.

The last part of your webpage. Like when you are printing in a roll of paper. After printing, you tear the end to get your document. The ‘tear’ in a webpage is the closing html tag.

There you have it, the explanation of every tag in a webpage. I hope that with this kind of explanation, you will understand what each tag mean and what it do. There is a reason for every tag in a webpage. The combination of these tags will create a complete webpage. It is not rocket science.

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