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Friday, 10 January 2014

I Make Money From Blogging At Blogspot

Usually we heard or read about making money online using wordpress but what I get here is a very different effect. In my situation, I get more money by using this free blogspot platform. I have my own domain name but it doesn’t look very good, in the case of making money.

Actually this doesn’t look good for my wordpress blog. Even if I make money with blogspot, I shouldn’t feel comfortable with it. It is because blogspot is a free platform and it can be shut down by Google at any time without my concern. The blog is not fully mine. 

Don’t get too excited knowing that you can make money out from a free platform like being told here. It is not something shocking or interesting as it sounds. This is quite normal for some cases like mine. There are a few reasons why this is happening.

Here are a few things that you should know if your free platform blog is making more money than your own domain name:

Your blog’s age

How long does your blog are live on the internet will determine how many visitors you have. The longer the age, the better it will get to be well-known. A new blog will take its time to be ranked on the search engine.

In my case, my blogspot blog are older than my new wordpress blog. I got a lot of visitors every day and got some sale from my affiliate links. However, free website platform have bad adsense clicks. People don’t really trust a free platform blog’s ads. 

Affiliate links are a different story. You still can make money of it if you give an honest review about any product that you sell. The best thing to do before selling any product is to buy and use them first. By doing this, you already experienced the product yourself and you can tell if the product is good or bad. 

Your blog’s topic

What is your blog topic can also affect your earnings. This blogspot blog is mostly about technical stuff, blogging and reviews. People love reviews especially an honest one. Don’t try to lie in your review because people will know about it.

My wordpress blog is more about lifestyle and physical products. I don’t say that physical products are not good but it takes time. This blog also take its time to develop. I also have little visitors at my wordpress blog and I can’t get my blog registered at a few affiliate websites because of this.

Your product choices

Blogging about blogs have tremendous amount of product. You can choose which one that you think is best for your visitors. That is why people love product reviews. They want to know if you already try the product or not. The product doesn’t have to be good. If it’s bad, write it in your review. Your readers will also appreciate your point of view.

If you never try the product, do not write a review about it. You don’t even know what you are writing about. If you duplicate your content, you can get in trouble with the original reviewer. But in most cases, I don’t find anywhere in the internet about duplicate review for content.


No matter how much you find it is interesting that you can make money from a free website platform, don’t rely too much on it. It is not a stable business to start with. This blogspot blog that I have here is from my assignment and I continue to update it because I have my personal notes here.

It is not impossible to make money with a blogspot blog but it won’t go anywhere. When Google shut it down, that’s the end of the world for you. My advice, if you don’t want to wait to get visitors, buy a blog at Flippa.

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