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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Before You Say Internet Marketing Is Crap, Read This First

If you are reading this article, it mean that you are not new to internet marketing (IM). There are a lot of self-claimed IM guru out there. I know many people lose thousand and thousand of dollars trying to learn the art of IM. The beauty of IM is, you only do your business online. You don't have to meet even one person to make your business grow.

Some people lose their money for nothing. They buy products to make them rich online but in the end they are just losing more money. This kind of situation is what we all want to avoid. We don't want to buy products that don't work. But greed can overcome one's emotion and that is the beginning of failure.

If you are in this situation, you would probably says that IM is crap or whatsoever. You will feel that it is a scam or a get-rich-quick scheme or a pyramid scheme. Well, many of IM gurus promote this kind of stuff anyway. If you are still trying to make money and this is your fourth or fifth month blogging, you are in the right path. Just don't give up just yet.

For some people who says IM is a scam, continue reading this article. If you are talking about scam, I have tons of them. What even better is, they are licensed and known by the government. It is not actually scams, just like IM, they are businesses but its going nowhere.

In my country, Malaysia, there are a lot of opportunities given by the government or organizations for the people to do business and make the people become success in their life for the country. I will tell you two examples below:

1. Leech breeding

Leeches for breeding
This was popular around 2008 - 2010 if I am not mistaken. A few organizations offer leeches to breed to the public. You do not need license to breed leeches. As long as you have a large barrel or keg, you can breed them quite easily. If you have a small terrain, it is even better.

Why do you breed leeches?
There are saying that leeches are important for the medical field. Leeches can suck blood clots and cancer cells. Even the government encourage the public to breed leeches to increase one's income. At that time, companies selling leech for breed grows like mushrooms.

The Problem
What people doesn't know about leech breeding is, it is hard to breed. Leech feed on blood. To find a good source of blood, leech breeders give the leeches catfish. Catfish is not cheap and you have to give it to the leeches everyday or your leech would grow thin or die. The company who buys back adult leeches won't buy thin and small adult leeches.

Most of the leech breeders are part timers and they breed small amount of leeches at their backyard in a few barrels. This leeches often die from starvation or not enough food to take. With only a few leeches left, it is not enough to return the capital money. What even worse, no company is willing to buy back a few leeches.

That is not the worst part. The worst part is the companies who handles the leeches gone on by one until there are no party who wants to buy leeches anymore. You will eventually lose more than half of the money for the startup. No more leeches, what are you going to do with the large barrels? Its not cheap so I doubt that you would throw it away.

2. Planting Jatropha/Castor Oil Plant
I don't know how many of you who reads this article know what is a castor oil plant and how do it look like. Here, we call it jatropha or 'jarak' in the Malay language. This plant gain its popularity on 2010-2012.

Why Do You Plant It?
Castor oil plant are said to have special oil called biodiesel that can replace the current diesel but with environmental friendly aspects. To plant the castor oil plant, you need a large land for farming. You need a large quantity of these plant to create the biodiesel.
Castor Oil Plant

The Problem
There are many problem than profit in planting castor oil plant. The need of a piece of land, plant maintenance, time and energy, it is really not worth it. There are rarely an individual who are farming this plant because it requires a large sum of 'downpayment' to start the business. So, mostly the farmers are companies or individuals who have extra large cash.

Biodiesel is still on experiment and the market is not large enough to make profit. Only a few machine have tested the biodiesel and not all machine can use it. Most of the companies flows down the drain with a very fast pace. I even saw with my own eyes that the land used to farm the plant are left with only bushes and ghost building.

As for conclusion, scam can come with many faces if they want to. People always blame other people online for their failure. Some businesses are not meant to fail but lack of research makes people lost their money in something that is not certain.

The best recipe for failure is greed. I already write an article about greed and you can read it here. When a person stop being greedy and start a real business, with hard work, there is no way that they will fail.

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