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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Must-Have Blogging Products

To start blogging, you must at least learn the basics. I started to love blogging by reading other people's blog. I like to read on other people's opinion and their strategy according to their topic. By reading, you will come out with your own opinion. This personal opinion is what I want other people to know about.

Blogging can create positive and negative controversies. That is why bloggers love to write about controversies. They sees this as a quick way to gain readers. If the topic is controversial enough, it will create a massive comment on their comment box. The best way is to create positive controversies. Negative controversies can get you in trouble or even in jail.

If you want to start a blog but you don't know where, you can start by reading other people's blog on how to start blogging and download their free report (usually PDF file). This is the first step. Almost all blogging gurus will tell you the same thing and they are right. Listen to their advice. Even if you find thousands of blogs about blogging, it will go the same way and there are no other way.

I continue to write on this blog because of my frustration on how the blogging gurus teach others to blog. It is not that they are wrong but at least tell the newbies specifically what did they mean. I mostly don't understand what the blogging gurus are trying to say. In the end, I create my own personal notes here, in this blog, from what I had learn and I share it with everyone.

Personally, I have three websites that I like when I want to start blogging. They are (their blog), Yaro Starak's and Alan Tan's (download PDF). These websites will help you with blogging and gives you tips on how to blog. P.S I don't have any personal gain or personal connection introducing these websites.

Then, I bought a few books. I love to read. Reading can give knowledge and also some ideas for your next blog post. These are the books I recommend for further reading and to give you some ideas on how to start blogging.

After gaining all the informations you need, consider on which web hosting service you like to prefer. You can use free web hosting like or like what I use here. It is free of course but the negative effect is, it doesn't look professional.

If you are serious about blogging and want make a living with it, I recommend you to use It is cheap and have many satisfied customers. If you have been using another web hosting service before and having problems, switch to Hostgator.

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